Qu Yuan Temple
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Qu Yuan Temple

Qu Yuan Temple

Brief Introduction of Qu YuanTemple

Qu Yuan Temple Located in Xiangjiaping which is on the north bank of Yangtze River, 1.5 kilometers to the Zigui County. Qu YuanTemple was built to commemorate the great poet Qu Yuan. It also named Qing Liegong Temple. There are Xianglu Ping, Reading Book Hole, Zhaomian Well and other scenic spots. Qu YuanTemple was first built in 15 years of Yuanhe in Qing Dynasty (820), it changed to Qing Liegong Temple in North Song Dynasty. It was repaired in Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, so it can be reserved. In 1978, when the Gezhouba hydro junction built, it was removed to the present place in its original appearance. Now, Qu Yuan Temple has been rebuilt in the Fenghuang (phoenix) Mountain historic reservation area of Zigui County.

The History of Qu YuanTemple

Qu Yuan Temple was first built by the officer Wang Maoyuan who came back to Zigui County in Qutuo in 15 years of Yuanhe in Tang Dynasty. It was repaired in every dynasty. Later, Gezhouba dam was built lead to the increase of water level. In July, 1976, Qu Yuan Temple was removed to the present place in the east of the county. The new temple keeps the original appearance, widen the scale with 17 meters high decorated archway and the wing rooms stretched 7 meters toward left and right side. The whole building is grand among the orange trees. In the temple, visitors can make poems, draw pictures and drink tea. There are bronze statue of Qu Yuan, stone statue of Qu Yuan, stone tablet exhibit, the tomb of Qu Yuan and Qu Yuan memorial hall in the temple. In the upper and down exhibition room, there are "unearthed relics from Zigui County exhibition" and "life story of Qu Yuan exhibition"

Qu Yuan Temple was built by the local people to commemorate Qu Yuan who is a patriotic poet, with a long history.

The landscape of Qu Yuan Temple

Qu Yuan Temple covered 300 hectares, including the gate, main hall, left and right wing rooms, bronze statue of Qu Yuan, stone tablet exhibition, exhibition mansion and cenotaph. The gate of Qu Yuan Temple is a memorial arch with four pillars in 14 meters high, with the words "Qing Liegong Temple" caved on the middle part and the left and right side with ' loyalty" and "reputation". The main hall was built by steel and concrete with the Ming and Qing Dynasties style. The Qu Yuan Tomb which is behind of the main hall is the cenotaph of Qu Yuan. The stone memorial archway before the tomb is built in Qing Dynasty. Qu Yuan Temple is built upon the mountain and facing the river, with beautiful scenery. If you look out from the temple, you can see the every mountain in the south bank of Yangtze River opposite to the temple. Every year, there will hold the dragon boat competition during the Dragon Boat Festival. At that time, there are many colorful boats on the river and crowd people on the land. The hometown of Qu Yuan is near to the Zigui County which is as famous as the Qu Yuan Temple. If you visit Qu Yuan Temple, don't forget to visit the hometown of Qu Yuan.

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