Qu Yuan Temple Travel Guide
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Qu Yuan Temple Travel Guide

Qu Yuan Temple

Introduction of Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan (about BC 340 – BC 278) is the earliest great poet in China. He ever assisted King Huai. Later, he was backstabbed by others and left his position. As for political corruption in Chu Kingdom and the enemy Qin invaded, Qu Yuan has no ability to rescue Chu Kingdom and felt it was hard to realize his political ideal; he committed suicide by jumping into Miluo River. It was said that the corpse of Qu Yuan was taken back to his hometown Zigui by fish god and buried in the place where 5 kilometers to east of county. Qu Yuan Temple was built in 15th year of Yuanhe in Tang Dynasty. It was repaired in Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Later, it was renamed to "Qingliegong Temple".

History of Qu Yuan Temple

Qu Yuan Temple was first built in 15th year of Yuanhe in Tang Dynasty. Wang Maoyuan who was the prefectural governor of Guizhou built Qu Yuan Temple at Qutuo, 5 kilometers to east of the county and made an article for it. In 3rd year of Yuanfeng in Song Dynasty, there built Qingliegong Temple in Qutuo. The temple is in flush gable roof, quadrangle dwellings style. It is made up of gate, wing rooms, main hall and back hall, covered 350 square meters. There are many prefectural governor of Guizhou repaired the temple in history: Wang Tuge Buhua in the first year of Taiding in Yuan Dynasty(1324), Shier Hama in fourth year of Zhizheng(1344), Wang Peigao in 25th year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty(1597), Li Qi in 25th year of Jiaqing(1820). After People's Republic of China was set up, it was repaired in 1963 add 1965. Later, as Gezhouba Dam was built caused water level increase, it was moved to its present place in July, 1976, covered 20.7 hectares.

Introduction of Qu Yuan Temple Scenic Spot

Qu Yuan Temple includes gate, main hall and wing halls in left and right sides. The gate is in four columns and three floors style, in 14 meters high, with four words on the middle tablet. The main hall was made up of reinforced concrete, in Ming and Qing Dynasties style. The Qu Yuan tomb behind main hall is cenotaph. The exit and archway before the tomb was made in Daoguang period, Qing Dynasty.

There are bronze statue and stone statue of Qu Yuan, stone tablet exhibition, Qu Yuan tomb and Qu Yuan memorial hall in Qu Yuan Temple. In the exhibition rooms, there are "Zigui Unearthed Historical Relics Exhibition" and "Qu Yuan's Life Story Exhibition".

Qu Yuan Temple depends on mountain and faces river, with beautiful scenery. To stand here, you can see all the peaks on south bank. In Dragon Boat Festival, people will hold dragon boat competition. At that time, colorful boats passing by on the river, many visitors watch competition on the banks, very exciting.

The hometown of Qu Yuan is near to Zigui city where was Qu Yuan born. It is more famous than Qu Yuan Temple.

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