Preparation for Three Gorges Tour
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Preparation for Three Gorges Tour

Three Gorges Tour

Preparation for Three Gorges Tour – Clothes

In your Three Gorges tour, you can choose suitable clothes based on your own condition, mainly focus on leisure and comfortable clothes. As the walking time during shore excursion activity is long, you are suggested to prepare a pair of comfortable shoes.

In summer, the temperature in Three Gorges area is high, and the duration of sunshine is long. So, it will be better to prepare hat, sunglasses, sun cream and some other stuff.

If you have Three Gorges Tour in spring or autumn, you can bring sweater, coat and the rain-proof dust coat with hat on it.

In winter, the weather in Three Gorges area is very cold, especially when Yangtze Cruise navigates on the Yangtze River. You are suggested to bring rain-proof overcoat, cold protective clothing and some other thick clothes.

Preparation for Three Gorges Tour – Ticket

The ticket or "ship notice" (copy or scanned copy is also good) is the warrant of boarding. It is similar with check in at hotels.

Preparation for Three Gorges Tour – Insurance

You are suggested to buy tourism insurance before your Three Gorges. Although the ticket includes insurance, the value of it is limited.

Preparation for Three Gorge Tour – Medicine

Before your Three Gorges tour, please take some common used medicine for cold and digestive system. If there is something wrong with your health, please do some precaution work or go to doctor as early as possible. There are small clinic and doctors on Three Gorges Cruise always at your service, and the fee is low. Some Three Gorges Cruises only charge the medicine fee.

Preparation for Three Gorges Tour – Other Tips

Do not buy the foods, fruits and mineral water at small stall causally. When you take shore excursion in summer, please take some mineral water and paper with you. You are suggested to take small amount of money with you, about 100 to 500 RMB, to pay the cable car, cool drinks, special ticket, and tips and so on.

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