Nanjin Pass
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Nanjin Pass

Nanjin Pass

Nanjin Pass – Brief Introduction

Nanjin Pass Grand Canyon located in Yiling district, Yichang Municipality; Xialao Stream area which on the north bank of Xiling Gorge. It includes Stream Tower in Yiling District, Letian Stream and Yellow Flower Town, total 108 square kilometers. The southeast of Nanjin Pass is 10 kilometers to downtown Yichang; northwest is 12 kilometers to Three Gorges Dam. It is a high level tourism scenic area including primeval valley exploration, drifting, outdoor extending and some other special tourism functions. Nanjin Pass is the division point of second stage and third stage of China mainland which is also the first canyon of Yangtze River. The special location established Nanjin Pass dignity status in Yangtze River.

Nanjin Pass – Sight Spots

Hongyan Luolei Waterfall (Red Rock Weeping Waterfall)

It is one of the four most famous waterfalls in Nanjin Pass. It is famous for the hundreds high cliff which is covered by red mineral composition. When the water volume is large, the width of waterfall can reach 10 meters. The water pouring down from the sky looks very grand. When the water volume is small, water gracefully fall down, exceedingly fascinating and charming.

The most special point is the hill under the waterfall. The place under the waterfall was swashed for thousands years, it formed a hill covered by thick lichen instead of a pool.

Po Lin Feitian Waterfall (Flying Lotus Waterfall)

This waterfall is the treasure of Nanjin Pass. After millions years swash by spring, there formed myriads of lotus petal shape stalactites which manifold in form, flying into the sky, so local people described it as "Flying Lotus".

Based on Buddhism doctrine, all the things in the world can come into paradise after diligent practice and enduring apocalypse. So, people who go through difficult and dangerous reached here can sublimate soul into another stage.

Toad Pool Waterfall

This is one of the four most famous waterfalls in Nanjin Pass. It was named Chang'e. In legends, Chang'e ever had bath in the pool. When she left with her dress, her body becomes the stone column and her dress becomes the waterfall.

In Chinese traditional culture, toad is a mascot represents money and treasures will be plentiful. The shape of waterfall looks like a head-up toad, local mountaineers and bandits in the gorge called this waterfall Toad Pool Waterfall for good luck. Before plundering, bandits will worship at the fall so that they can return home with pockets full.

"Single Tree makes Forest"

There is large scale of nanmu which is the plant under State protection (CategoryⅡ). After hundreds years growing, the descending axis of this nanmu has developed into tens of meters high nanmu forest. This is the unique plant spectacle in Central China.

Nanmu is must need material in ancient to build emperor palace and important buildings. Some people used it to make tablets.

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