Muyu Scenic Area
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Muyu Scenic Area

Muyu Scenic Area

Brief Introduction of Muyu Scenic Area

In Muyu Scenic Area,the millennium old trees are standing  almost 2000 meters above sea level. The branches are intertwined, some of the tree crown covers an area of one acre. Particularly, the amazing, stunning firs standing on the hillside, its trunk firm like bronze, it will clank while you knock on it. There are mosses cover the whole trunk seems like an ancient bronze clothing with thousand years vicissitude.

The tree is our country's unique Pinaceae Keteleeria plant, 46 meters high, 2.38 meters in diameter, 7.5 meters in primeter, 88 cubic meters, it is still difficult for six people to hold it. Take a glance in distance it seems like several huge iron towers.

Anecdotes of Muyu Scenic Area

Due to its giant, there is an old anecdote said that the ancients in order to seek happiness and avoid disaster. They built a tree temple on the base of thunder wound of the tree placed a statue of Emperor Yan. Later, because the tree became thicker and thicker year after year, the statue was encircled by the tree.

There is an other saying said that in ancient times, there was a geomancer called Mr. Kang, he thought this tree gathered the essence of the sun and moon. If people use the tree as a coffin it can make the body perpetuated.

The head of the bandit wanted to cut the tree, the local people heard this news, they put nail into the tree secretly, thus the bandit couldn't cut the tree that is why the tree can be preserved up to now.

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