Mulan Lake Scenic Area
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Mulan Lake Scenic Area

Mulan Lake Scenic Area

Mulan Lake Scenic Area – Brief Introduction

Mulan Lake Scenic Area is located in Huangpi District of Wuhan City. It is just 6 kilometers away from Mulan Mountain Scenic Area. Mulan Lake covers an area of 40 square kilometers. There are 23 islands in the lake. It is noted for its clean water and beautiful scenery. More than 100,000 of various birds inhabit in the forest on the eastern bank of Mulan Lake, among which 30 percent of them are under second-class state protection. It has developed into an ideal holiday resort with complete facilities and service system. It is a provincial resort of Hubei Province and be praised as "Back Garden of Wuhan City".

It is said that General Mulan (a heroine in ancient China) watered her horse here. There are still places of historical interests standing on the bank of Mulan Lake: General Mulan Temple and General Mulan's Tomb. Mulan Lake is also a famous old revolutionary base, a lot of revolutionary predecessors lived and engaged in revolutionary activities here.

Mulan Lake Scenic Area – Scenic Spots

Mulan Lake Resort

Mulan Lake Resort is the largest and most beautiful provincial resort in central China. It ranks first in the eight provincial resorts. It will be developed into a national resort in the near future. Mt. Son of Heaven Scenic Spot is the only scenic spot which runs drifting in Wuhan City. You can enjoy an exciting and cool drifting here in the hot summer. The biggest bathe beach of Wuhan City is also here. Mulan County on the bank of Mulan Lake is the hometown of chestnut, persimmon and tea. Visitors here could also experience the local folk customs.

General Mulan Temple

General Mulan Temple is about 3 kilometers away from Mulan Lake. The buildings and rock carvings here remind visitors of General Mulan's experience in the battlefield. The sculptures in the first palace recorded General Mulan's life. General Mulan's statue stands in the second palace. The third palace dedicated to the Buddhism gods.

General Mulan's Tomb is in the back of General Mulan's Temple. The pool near the tomb is as clear as a mirror; various wild flowers blossom here and there. Men of letters in past ages visited here and left many poetries. The existing Gerneral Mulan's Tomb was constructed in Tang Dynasty and had been renovated several times in Ming and Qing dynasties.

Crane Temple

It is said that General Mulan practiced her martial art here in her childhood. She was punished to practice in the back temple alone by her master innocently. A flock of cranes and white egrets escorted her to a lake named Tianyan, and Mulan practiced her martial art by the lake from then on. Years later, Mulan joined the army substitute for her father. The cranes disappeared with Mulan. The local people built a temple here and called it Crane Temple to show their piety and prayed for the god's blessing.

Birds Island

Birds Island is the biggest natural scenic spot in Mulan Lake. There is a special ecology scene here. It was praised as "the biggest egrets' and forest park". Birds Island covers an area of 3000 mu. It is covered with dense forests. More than 0.1 million of egrets come and inhabit here between April and September every year, among which some of them are rare and specious birds.

Mulan Tower

Mulan Tower was built in 2001 and be opened to visitors in 2002. Visitors could step on the tower to have a wide and full view of Mulan Lake – the beautiful landscape of mountain and lake, the islands with blossoming flowers and flying birds. There are telescopes with which you could take a close observation of the birds and egrets.

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