Military Book and Precious Sword Gorge
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Military Book and Precious Sword Gorge

Military Manual and Precious Sword Gorge

Military Book and Precious Sword Gorge – Brief Introduction

Military Book and Precious Sword Gorge also named Rice Storehouse Gorge. It is located between Xintan Shoal and Xiangxi Stream, extending 4 kilometers. There is a thing looks like a book in the crack of steep precipice on the south bank of the gorge. It was said that the "book" is Zhuge Liang's "military book". There is a stone, which is thick on the upside and sharp in the downside, looks like a precious sword point into the river, under the "military book". That's the Precious Sword Stone. So this gorge is called Military Book and Precious Sword Gorge.

Military Book and Precious Sword Gorge – History

It is said that Zhuge Liang pass by Three Gorges when he came to Sichuan, he hidden a military book which was written by himself and a precious sword on the cliff near to river, let the brave man to take it down. There is a poem written by heritages to praise this thing. But some people think Zhuge Liang hidden his military book here in fear of misleading heritages. In fact, Zhuge Liang deployed troops based on people, time, terrain and change the tactics randomly. So it is reasonable that put military book here less misleading others.

Now, if you walk along Xiangxi Stream, you can see the "militarybook" and "precious sword" which were left by Zhuge Liang on the north bank. In fact, the "military book" is several box like things in the crack which is ancient coffins; the "precious sword" is a stone pole, but at the first glance, it likes a giant relief sword stick into the surging river.

Military Book and Precious Sword Gorge – Legends

There are two legends about the gorge. One is said Zhuge Liang wrote a book based on his military experience. When he was very ill, he found there was nobody has the ability to own this book and he was feared someone will have battle based on the book without his own ideas. So he chooses a steep place to hide this book. Any person who is very brave and ambitious can get the book. Another legend is about Zhang Liang who is idea man of Liu Bang. He is wise and resourceful, and familiar with all the military book. In late Qing Dynasty, there is battle between Chu Kingdom and Han kingdom. Zhang Liang defeated the crack troop of Xiang Yu in a battle. Xiang Yu ran to Wujiang River and suicide. So, Chu Kingdom perished and Han Kingdom became more prosperous. Before dying, Zhang Liang put his military book and precious sword in this gorge.

It is recorded, Wang Guo who is a feudal provincial ever passed the gorge by boat and found there is something like a coffin in the gorge. He asked somebody to check and found there is a human body in the coffin, hence named it "Remain of Iron Coffin", and this gorge named Iron Coffin Gorge.

On the diagonally opposite of "Military Book and Precious Sword", there is a grotto under the pass cliff. Dust was blow into the hole and down to the cliff, just like the rice piled all the year. It is said that's the place where Zhuge Liang stored his cereals, so it also called "Rice Storehouse Gorge".

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