Lu You Cave
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Lu You Cave

Lu You Cave

Lu You Cave – Brief Introduction

Lu You Cave located in north bank of Daning River where connects with Wu Gorge in Three Gorges scenic spot. It is under the Shengquan peak which is one of the famous twelve peaks of Wu Gorge, 2.5 kilometers to Wushan County. There are two caves which were formed in 25000000 years ago. As Lu You ever visited here when he came to Sichuan Province and recorded this experience in his works, hence it was named Lu You Cave. In fact, Lu You only visited Qingshui Cave. But today's Lu You Cave is the generic terms of Qingshui Cave, Jinzhu Cave and Yulin Cave. Lu You Cave hides in the mountain waist of Konghou Mountain in Wu Gorge. You can see Yangtze River from the cave mouth. Passing by Wu Gorge by boat; you can see the new built gate. When you come into the cave, the first thing present to you is a long corridor, with a stream in the left side. In the end of the corridor, there is a hole, with the mouth toward sky. People must bend the body to pass through it. Then, passing by a corridor with many queer stones can reach the Qingshui Cave where Lu You visited.

The caves in Lu You Cave stack one by one. If you say the Qingshui Cave is the belly of Lu You Cave, the Jinzhu Cave which is on the end of hanging ladder is the chest of Lu You Cave, while the Yulin Cave from which can reached the mountain top is the head of Lu You Cave. It is rarely seen that three caves stack together in a big cave.

Lu You Cave - Tourist Resources

When you come to the cave, the first sight is a giant Lu You statue, with a stream flow out under his foot. Visitors walk on a sect of corridor along the stream to the end, it is a little hole; visitors must bend themselves to pass through it. Visitors can reach the Qingshui Cave where Lu You visited after them across some steps, step over some bridges, cross over some streams, through the Qingshui Archway. It is said that Lu You ever took water from the mountain waist to cook tea, and made a poem on the cliff. The wide cave is 400 square meters, the walls in the cave like been cut by knives. There are many works left by visitors in the history. Many of them are hard to distinguish for the cliffs were exposed in weather for long time.

When visitors come out the cave, there are four pavilions which were built with the themes of four seasons. It will be very interesting that enjoying the surging Yangtze River and Wu Gorge landscape in the pavilions.

Lu You Cave – History Story

In the summer of 1170, Lu You who was the great poet in South Song Dynasty ever visited this cave when he came to Shu, hence the name. When he visited the cave, he ever came to the mountain waist to take water for cooking tea, and made a poem on the cliff. Later, in order to commemorate Lu You, people named this cave as Lu You Cave.

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