Longtan Research Station for Barbarians
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Longtan Research Station for Barbarians

Longtan Research Station for Barbarians



Longtan Research Station for Barbarians is located in the Shennongjia National Nature Reserve Area. It is a base camp of the research of barbarians in Shennongjia area, an important observation point of the golden monkeys living habits, and an aid station for the wild animals.

Longtan Research Station for Barbarians – Exhibition Hall

There is an exhibition hall for the research work. The exhibitions accurately reflect the main achievements of the two research activities for the barbarians. There are savages distribution map, witness' pictures, and the hair, excrement, and bamboo nest of the savages obtained in the spot. There are samples of the footprints obtained in the spot, the analysis and identify materials offered by Chinese Academy of Sciences. All these exhibitions prove that the Shennongjia barbarians is an objective existence must not be overlooked.

Longtan Research Station for Barbarians - Photography Exhibition

There is a photography exhibition of the Shennongjia Scenery; you can see more than 500 works here. The sea of clouds, high mountains and the sunset, old hemlocks, and beautiful plants get a lot of the visitors' attention. The Golden Monkey Series enjoys the most attraction of the visitors. This series of pictures are taken on site and include all the aspects of the monkeys' life: from the "king of the monkeys", the "monkeys", and the "guard monkey" to the "migration", the "food-hunting", the "afternoon nap"; from the "mother and son" to the "monkeys play together". This series of pictures can be called an album of the golden monkeys in Shennongjia in the animal's world.

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