Longmen River National Forest Park
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Longmen River National Forest Park

Longmen River National Forest Park


Longmen River National Forest Park - a Natural Botanical Garden

Longmen River National Forest Park is located in the juncture of Zhaojun's hometown, Shennongjia Aboriginal Forests Area and Badong County. It is 80 kilometers far from the relics of the Three Gorges Dam. It is in the hinterland of the national adventure travel line: Yichang - Xingshan - Shennongjia Natural Reserve Areas- Shennongxi Tourist Area of Badong County. The transportation here is extremely convenient, both the NO.209 National Road and Xiangxi River through the park. The park was praised as "a natural botanical garden" since its climate, soil, and plants here possess the characteristic of transition of North-South.

Longmen River National Forest Park – Rare Species of Trees

You can even find some rare species of trees in the park, such as Davidia, Bergmanniana, and Stewartia Sinensis. There is also some wildlife under first or second class state protection, such as Giant Salamander, Golden Monkey, Moschus Berezovskii and Golden Pheasant. The erosive caves are its main attractions, and there are more than ten underground erosive caves in the park.

Longmen River National Forest Park – Panlong Cave

Panlong Cave is one of the sites developed in the first phase, and the mouth of the cave faces to the east. The mouth of the cave presents a floor style since it is narrower at the top than at the base. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. The walls of the cave are as bright and clean as glass. There are several small pools in the cave; they looked like a spring or abyss. The spring fall down along the stalactites, and form some special shapes: Dragon Palace Pagoda, Two Dragons Playing with a Pearl, Tortoise Out of the Sea, Giant Supporting Pillar, and Rosefinch Expand Its Wings. Various amazing shapes of ice would leave you a deep impression for they are so towering, elegant, exquisite, and beautiful.

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