Legends of Fengdu Ghost City
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Legends of Fengdu Ghost City

Fengdu Ghost City

There are many different ideas about the origin of Fengdu Ghost City. But how Fengdu Ghost City came into being? Why this ghost city built in Fengdu County? There are four different ideas.

Legends of Fengdu Ghost City – Idea of Taoism

It is said that Zhang Daoling created the Five Bucket Rice Religion by absorbing witchcraft in late East Han dynasty. Later, it became Ghost Religion. In 198, Zhang Lu, who is the grandson of Zhang Daoling, created the Taoism in Fengdu County. So Fengdu County became the preaching center of Taoism. Later Taoism made up a "Luofeng Mountain", regarded it as the ghost city which is under control of Emperor south Yin. Emperor South Yin is the central god of Taoism who in charge of hell. So Fengdu came into being Ghost City.

Legends of Fengdu Ghost City – Idea of Ghost Emperor (Tubo)

When there are some natural phenomenon can't be explained, people will impute it to Ghost. The main part in Ba race and Shu race is Diqiang Tribe. In East Zhou Dynasty, Fengdu was the capital of Ba race. With communication, political, economy, culture and custom of two races penetrate into each other and raised the common god – Tubo who is the first Ghost Emperor. This Ghost Emperor lived in Fengdu. Until now, there are many remains of "Ghost capital". And Fengdu is the Ghost City.

Legends of Fengdu Ghost City – Idea of "Yama"

"Yama" is the transliteration of Sanskrit. Yama is the king who in charge of hell in ancient India myth. It is said there are eighteen judges of hell in charge of the eighteen hells. In one of sutra, "Yama" is "equal King" who can punish crime equally. In legends, Yama lived in Fengdu, so Fengdu developed into Ghost City.

Legends of Fengdu Ghost City – Idea of Yin and Wang

In the legends, there were two alchemists in Han Dynasty. One is Yin Changsheng who is the grandfather of Queen Liu Zhao. Another is Wang Fangping who was an officer. As they were dissatisfied with social current situation, they decided to cultivate themselves in Fengdu. In the early of Wei Dynasty, they successfully became an immortal and left. In Tang Dynasty, their name was rumored into Ying Wang" (Hell King). Naturally, Fengdu become Ghost City. This idea is the most widely spread one in Fengdu.

Later, as constantly and painstakingly dramatize in every dynasty by ruling class, a quite complete Ghost City came into being. It cost more than 2000 years to make the unreal word into a material object. The famous Fengdu Ghost City and Ghost Culture is the combination of Buddhism, Taoism, Confusion and Chinese ghost culture; Bayu Culture, central plains culture and foreign culture; folk legend and reality; architecture, sculpture, painting and other artistic forms.

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