Legend in Yangtze River History
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Legend in Yangtze River History

Goddess Peak

Legends in Yangtze River History – Goddess Peak

In the long Yangtze River history, there are many interesting legends widely spread in Three Gorges area. When the Yangtze Cruise pass by Three Gorges, the river guide will tell you the legends about here, which will add more fun to your Yangtze Cruise tourist.

In ancient time, the 23rd daughter of Heavenly Queen Mother, Yao Ji, lived in the Ziqing palace. She learned infinite theurgies from the God of Three Primes and titled as Lady Yunhua who in charge of boy and girl servants in fairyland.

Yao Ji was so active that she can't endure the lonely life in heavenly palace. One day, she left the palace with her servants without a word, to travel to the west sea. But when she saw the storm and monster wave of the sea harmed human beings, she left west for east. On her way, she past thousands mountains and enjoyed the wonderful scenery of human world. When she arrived at the Wu Mountain, she saw 12 dragons were making troubles to the human. She was so angry that decided to kill the dragons for the human. So, she pressed the cloud and pointed to the dragons. Thunders began to roar and the mountains shake.

When everything came back to peace, the body of 12 dragons had become 12 mountains blocked the Wu Gorge, head off the Yangtze River. The surging river emerged fields and cities. Today's Sichuan Province became boundless ocean.

Legend in Yangtze River History – Yu Harness Flood

In order to harness the flood, Yu came to the Yangtze River from the Yellow River. However, the mountain was so high, and the river flowed so rapid. It was very hard to open the mountains to lead the river. When Yu was worrying about the condition, Yao Ji was moved by the sprits of Yu. So she called out Huang Mo, Tong Jin and other four officials to help Yu lead Three Gorges river course so that flood can flow into East Sea.

After Yu known he got help from Goddess, he climbed up the Mountain Wu to thank Yao Ji. But when he reached the mountain top, he only saw a beautiful bluestone. For a moment, the bluestone became blue smoke rising up, and then became blue cloud. At the same time, there were dragons, colorful phoenixes and white Cranes flying over the mountains and gorges. When Yu was wondering what happened, the beautiful Yao Ji appeared before him. Yao Ji said: "you made great contribution to flood control, but you should know the change principals of things in the world. At the same time, she took out a yellow silk scroll about flood control, and gave it to Yu. Although the flood had disappeared, Yao Ji didn't leave. She remains standing on the Mountain Wu top to guide for the ships, drive off beasts for people, arrange clouds and rain for agriculture, and plant herbs to cure disease. Year after year, she forgot to come back to the heaven, and herself. At last, she became that desirable Goddess Peak, and her servants also became mountains around her.

The legend about Goddess Peak is widely spread in Mountain Wu area. In order to commemorate this goddess, people in Mountain Wu area built a Goddess Temple at the foot of Feifeng (Flying Phoenix) Mountain. The platform on the mountain waist is the place where Yao Ji gave the scroll to Yu.

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