Legend and Culture of Shennong Stream
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Legend and Culture of Shennong Stream

Bride Weeping

Shennong Stream is a stream on the north bank of Yangtze River, in Badong, Hubei Province. It originated from south slope of Shennongjia which is "the first peak of Central China", flows from southern to northern among the deep gorges, and flows into Yangtze River at the place 2000 meters away from east of Wu Gorge, extending 60 kilometers. There are many mountains and the peaks rising one upon another on the both banks of Shennong Stream. They formed Longchang Gorge, Yingwu (Parrot) Gorge and Shennong Gorge which are rugged, elegant, wonderful and with their distinctive features. All the things in the gorge, like the deep pond and limpid water, pouring down waterfall, suspending coffins and dolly way, ancient canoe, Tujia customs and stalagmite cave, are so amazing.

Legend of Shennong Stream

According to legends, in primitive barbarism period, the plague spread over the world and large amount of people killed by it. In order to save human, Flame Emperor Shen Nong Shi came into the trappy high mountains and dense forests and tasted hundreds of herbs. He gathered medicinal herbs to treat disease, choose land to plant. Although he is powerful, he couldn't climb up the cliffs towering into sky. So he set up 36 ladders and climbed up the cliffs. Later, the place where he set up the ladders became a dense primitive forest. In order to memorize him, people named this world class forest park as "Shennongjia". After Shen Nong Shi had walk over the mountains and tasted hundreds herbs, he decided to go to Yangtze River by through Dongting Lake and Xiang River. When he came down from the mountain, there was a twisty stream blocked his way. Flame Emperor was not good at swimming. When he didn't know what to do, a raft floated to him. He quickly jump to the raft, floated along the stream and reached Yangtze Rive. Later, people named this stream as "Shennong Stream".

Culture of Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream is the hometown of Ba people, which full of distinctive Ba Culture. In ancient, the ancestor of Ba people, Ba Wuxiang leaded Ba people tribes immigrated to west. They reached Dayi City and built Ba Kingdom. The suspending coffins and dolly way on the both banks of Shennong Stream are the miracles make by Ba people. Today's Tujia people who live in Shennong Stream banks are the heritages of Ba people. They are generosity and good at dancing and singing.

Sa-Er-He is a kind of Tujia primitive folk dance which is very popular or its unique style, straightforward dancing posture, bright rhythm and loud tone.

Bride's Weeping Song is a special art form created by Tujia people. From its name, we can see it is the song singed when the bride married. It is a special art form use by Tujia girls to express their ideas about society, life, moral, ideal, love and hate. The charm of Bride's Weeping Song doesn't disappear after long history for its weeping not for sad and singing like weeping.

Tang Opera is a kind of Ba people opera which popular in Shennong Stream area. It is be loved for its dense local character and nationality character, rich content, various types and special singing way.

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