Jingzhou Museum
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Jingzhou Museum

Jingzhou Museum

Jingzhou Museum is located in the inner side of the West Gate of Jingzhou (which is a national historical and cultural city). It is a local comprehensive museum which integrates exhibition, reception, relic preservation, field archaeology, relic collection and scientific research.

It was built in 1958, Jingzhou Museum involved an investment of about 0.1 billion RMB under the support of the local government and the recognition of the higher-level departments after 40 years of development.

Jingzhou Museum – Archeological Discoveries

Jingzhou Museum coordinated with the infrastructure construction, totally unearthed more than 7000 ancient tombs and 50 archaeological sites. Among which the Jiangling Mashan Relic of Silk in Warring State Period, Jiangling Zhangjiashan Relic of Bamboo Slips in Han Dynasty, and Jigongshan Paleolithic relic are major archeological discoveries and unearthed a lot of valuable relics.

Jingzhou Museum – Rich Collection

Jingzhou Museum has a collection of more than 0.13 million cultural items. There are more than 10,000 lacquers of Qin and Han Dynasties. It is the museum which collects the largest quantity of ancient lacquers. It collects the most bamboo slips of Qin and Han Dynasties. Its collection of silk products is worldly famous for their diversity and well-preservation, and it is praised as "the treasure-house of silks" by the specialists and scholars. Besides, there are valuable and well preserved ancient cadavers of Western Han Dynasty. In order to offer the broad masses of people with historical materialism and patriotism, it has held seven thematic cultural relics exhibitions with strong local characteristics: the Exhibition of the Primitive Culture of Jianghan Plain, the Exhibition of the Culture of Chu and Han Dynasties of Jianghan Plain, the Exhibition of Cultural Relics, the Exhibition of the Unearthed Bamboo and Wooden Slips, the Exhibition of the NO.168 Ancient Tomb of Han Dynasty of Jingzhou Phoenix Mountain, the Exhibition of the Selected Ancient Lacquers and the Exhibition of the Embroideries and Knittings of Chu and Han Dynasties.

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