Jingzhou City
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Jingzhou City


Introduction of Jingzhou City

Jingzhou City is located in the hinterland of Jianghan Plain, Hubei Province. The Yangtze River across the city from west to east, the length is 483 kilometers. In the east of Jingzhou city is Wuhuan, in the west is Yichang, in the south is Changde. The total area is 14,100 sq kilometers including 78.7% lake plains, 21.1% hills and low-relief terrain.

History and Culture of Jingzhou City

Jingzhou City is a remarkable place which cultivateda lot of outstanding people,  It is rich in natural products as well as its long history and splendid culture. It has the reputation "Land of Fishes and Rice". Jingzhou City is the first batch of national historical and cultural city announced by the State Department. During Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, Jingzhou was the capital of Chu State for about 411 years. The ancestors of Chu State created Chu Culture which comparable to the ancient Greek culture. The silk, the sword of Gou Jian (the king of the Yue State) and a set of chime were unearthed in Jingzhou which fully reflected the splendid culture of Chu State. Qu Yuan, The great patriotic poet and the outstanding politician King of Chu State;the famous prime minister Sun shu-ao, the general of Wu State Wu Zixu; the poet of Tang Dynasty Cen Shen etc. were all born in Jingzhou.

Jingzhou City is the birthplace of  Three Kingdoms Culture. The total chapter of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is 120 but it has mentioned Jingzhou City in 72 chapters. In Jingzhou, the scenic spots of Three Kingdoms' period throughout the city. The well-preserved 10.5 kilometers ancient Jingzhou wall is reputed as the superlative ancient wall of Southern China. The Jigongshan Sites has been excavated in 1992. The archaeologists identified it as the first class site at home and abroad. Besides, Jingzhou City is also the birthplace of Chinese Dragon Boat Culture. The annual "China International Dragon Boat Festival" has become a unique cultural brand and an important carrier of opening up expansion as well as a festa for Jingzhou people.

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