Iron Lock Pass
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Iron Lock Pass

Iron Lock Pass

Iron Lock Pass – Brief Introduction

Iron Lock Pass was built in Tang Dynasty, used to defend enemy. At that time, only need several iron chains joined together by iron pole and stone holes can blockade Yangtze River and enemy is hard to intrude. In Song Dynasty, Xu Zongwu who is a great general ever arrange 7 iron chains here, lasted 200 meters long, to resist enemy Yuan. Now, the iron chain pole only can be seen in low water period. It is said, there are two iron poles was left by general Xu. In peacetime, Iron Lock Pass is a tollgate where merchant ships pay taxes. In South Song Dynasty, Jia Sidao who is a treacherous court official ever published announcement in Iron Lock Kweimen and carved it on the cliff near to Iron Lock Pass.

Iron Lock Pass – History

There is a big stone disk on Iron Lock Pass where is Caotang River flow into Yangtze River. There are two rusty stone poles in 6.4 feet high standing on the stone disk. That's the relic of Iron Lock Pass. In ancient, Qutang Gorge is strategic importance in battle, only a chain cross the river can closely blockade East Chuan area. The fifth year of Jingding period in Song Dynasty, Xu Zongwu arranged seven cross river chains under White Emperor City to blockade the pass. The remained stone poles in Kweimen are arranged in late Song Dynasty. The inscriptions on the stone next to stone poles are carved in Yuan Dynasty.

The iron lock was first built to defend enemy, but it became tollgate later. If merchant ships want to pass there, they must pay taxes. Based on Historical Records of the Five Dynasties, Meng Army and Song Army ever had a battle to contest a mountain fortress in the pass after Kublai became Khan in the first year of Jingding in Song Dynasty (1260). In the fifth year of Jingding (1264), Xu Zongwu had a battle with Yuan Army in Qutang Gorge aditus. In order to resist Yuan Army came into Sichuan area, Xu Zongwu set up two stone poles on Qutang Gorge aditus, with some words on the poles; he also arranged seven iron chains stood right across the river, total 925 meters, that's the Iron Lock Pass.

In 1278, Yuan Army conquered Chongqing and pass down by the river, taken Kweizhou. Iron lock didn't achieve its task to resist Yuan Army, but it becomes historical relic been protected.

Iron Lock Pass – Legend

The legend of Da Yu: Da Yu came here to harness flood, but there is no way to lead water out. He drove bull to strike the Qutang Gorge but there is no crack on the rock and the horn of bull was bent. He used ax to cut the stone, the stone didn't move, but ax broken. Last, Da Yu gathered all people's wisdom, decided to use fire to separate Qutang Gorge. At last, stone burst and giant peak cracked. So, there is a crack between Chijia Mountain and Baiyan Mountain, that's today's Kweimen.

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