Huangshan Mountain Travel Guide
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Huangshan Mountain Travel Guide

Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain - Origin of Name

The original name of Huangshan Mountain is Yishan Mountain, and the alias in ancient is Gangshan Mountain. In the Six Year of Tianbao in Tang Dynasty (747), Tang  Xuanzong renamed the mountain as Huangshan Mountain based on the legend that Xuanyuan Emperor ever picked up medicine and became immortal at here.

According to legends, our ancestor - Xuanyuan Emperor was attracted by the beautiful scenery of Huangshan Mountain when he first saw it. The mountains are as high as clouds; the valleys are as deep as the bottom of sea. Clouds like a ribbon rounding the peaks, looks like a paradise on earth. The emperor brought a warlock and an immortal travel to Huangshan Mountain and them felt fairyism in the mountain and thought it is a good place to process elixir, so they lived in the mountain. At first, they processing elixir on a mountain; Then, they moved to a valley near to spring, they process elixir on a stone and made a hole on the stone which likes a little stone well; At last, they made out the elixir. It is said that people who eat the elixir will not become old. After eating the elixir, they really didn't become old, just like the Xuanyuan Peak, Rongcheng Peak and Fuqiu Peak standing among the clouds and with pines which is green in every season on it. The peak on which they process the elixir is named Liandan (Processing Elixir) Peak; while the well is named Danjin Well.

Huangshan Mountain – Custom

Burial Custom

As for the heritage and influence of Jin and Chu culture, there formed unique burial custom in Huangshan Mountain area. The traditional burial process is:

1.Firing false paper money. When the old people died and the descendants kneel to cry for the dead, people will fire the false paper money. People must remember the time when the old die for the following burial things will base on it.

2.Buying water. It is organized by the reputable person in the family to play gongs, fire false paper money, with the filial son and grandson after them.

3.Wipe the corpse. Burning the water which is bought from others and with sandal in it. Then, invite sorcerer or witch (base on the sex of the dead) to wipe the corpse with the water and a white cloth which is three feet long to express their emotion to the dead.

Custom about Tea

People in Huangshan Mountain  drink tea in the whole year, but the most commonly are "Morning Tea", "Afternoon Tea" and "Night Tea". After washing up in the morning, savoring a cup of fragrant tea, the fresh air and the fragrance of the tea will deeply come into your body, that's an important way to keep health. There is an idea that" you can not have breakfast in the morning, but you must drink tea". So the morning tea must be savored. A cup of strong tea after lunch is benefit to digestion and stomach. The afternoon tea is different from morning tea for it is stronger.

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