Hometown of Zhaojun Travel Guide
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Hometown of Zhaojun Travel Guide

Hometown of Zhaojun

Hometown of Zhaojun - Brief Introduction

Hometown of Zhaojun located in Baoping village, Xinshan County which is in upstream of Xiangxi Stream. Wang Zhaojun was named Yu. As for the taboo against using the personal names of Si Mazhao in Jin Period, she was renamed Mingjun or Mingfei. She was chose into palace in Han Yuandi Period. In the first year of Jingyuan (33), the head of Hun came to the palace and asked for marriage. Zhaojun voluntarily asked to go out the border and married the head of Hun. She made great contribution to the good nationality relationships. She was born and grown up in Baoping village. Zhaojun Village  faces Xiangxi Stream, depends on Shamao Mountain. There are many high mountains towering up in the village, green trees in the valleys. There are Nanmu Well, Niangniang Well, "dressing table", Wangyue Pavilion and other historical relics in the village. In 1979, government ever allocated funds to repair her hometown. They rebuilt the Zhaojun House; built the Zhaojun Memorial Hall, Long Corridor Stele Forest, the statue of Zhaojun. Hometown of Zhaojun is every quiet and beautiful, full of poetic and pictorial splendor.

Hometown of Zhaojun – Humanity History

Hometown of Zhaojun is a famous tourist resort. The dense humanity atmosphere and beautiful landscape of it gather together, formed a natural paradise. Baoping village is surrounded by clouds and mist, looks very quiet and secluded. Green terrace fields, with sunshine on them, stretching towards the mountain top. Spiral roads twist and toward far places. Green and fragrant orange trees surround the Zhaojun village. Nature and humanity, traditional and modern are harmoniously combined in the buildings in hometown of Zhaojun. With the modern techniques added into the simple and elegance traditional culture. Zhaojun House was very delicate and exquisite. Vivid Han Dynasty style buildings offered us the basis to think about Zhaojun's life. Zhaojun Memorial Hall is in serious style, smooth construction, simplicity carvings, and delicate designs. In the center of the hall, there is a white marble statue of Wang Zhaojun. It vividly shows up the beauty of Zhaojun.

Hometown of Zhaojun – Record in History

There are two Qing Dynasty steles in Zigui County. One is carved "Hometown of Qu Yuan", the other is carved "Hometown of Zhaojun". In fact, hometown of Zhaojun located in the Baoping Village, on the bank of Xiangxi Stream in Xinshan County. There are Zhaojun House, Nanmu Well, "Dressing Table" and other famous historical relics in hometown of Zhaojun for people to visit. There are 16 steps to the "Dressing Table" which means Zhaojun ever lived in there for 16 years. Nanmu Well is famous for there is a piece of ancient nanmu in the well; it is the place where Zhaojun got water.

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