History of Qu Yuan Temple
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History of Qu Yuan Temple

Qu Yuan Temple

Brief Introduction of Qu Yuan Temple

Qu Yuan Temple, also named Sanhe Temple, was built to commemorate the great patriot poet Qu Yuan. It was first built in Han Dynasty, and rebuilt in Qing Dynasty. It covered 1651 square meters. It was built in the 15th year of Tang Dynasty (820), and renamed to Qinglegong Temple in South Song Dynasty. It can be protected by constantly repair in Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. When Gezhouba Dam built in 1978, Qu Yuan Temple was removed to its present address in its original form. Qu Yuan Temple was built upon the mountain. When you stand here, you can see the mountains on the south bank. There will hold dragon boat competition in Dragon Boat Festival. At that time, there are many colorful boats on the river, and thousands people on the banks; it is very lively.

Qu Yuan Temple History – Tang Dynasty

In the 15th year of Yuanhe in Tang Dynasty (820), Wang Maoyuan, who was a general back to Gui Zhou as prefectural governor, said "Qu Yuan can be regarded as immortal, but I didn't see any temple of him". So, he built the Qu Yuan Temple in Qutuo, 5 kilometers to the county. Maybe it's the earliest Qu Yuan Temple in Zigui.

Qu Yuan Temple History – Song Dynasty

The 3rd Year of Yuanfeng in Song Dynasty, Song Shenzhong conferred Qu Yuan as "Qingliegong". The people in Guizhou raise fund to build "Qingliegong Temple". The temple is flush gable roof, in quadrangle style. It is made up of gate, wing room, main hall and opisthodomos, covered 350 square meters. The front of the temple is river, and back is Chutai Mountain.

Qu Yuan Temple History – Yuan Dynasty

The first year of Taiding in Yuan Dynasty (1324), the officer who back to Guizhou repaired Qingliegong Temple, but it didn't complete for a long time, so the temple almost damaged. In the second year of Zhiyuan in Yuan Dynasty, the officer of Guizhou suggested to repair the temple again. He first gave some money to repair it, and some squires and the rich also sponsored. It was rebuilt in the third year. The officer suggested renaming the temple as "Qingliegong Temple".

Qu Yuan Temple History – Ming and Qing Dynasties

Qu Yuan Temple was repaired in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Like Sun Henian repaired it in the 25th year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty, Wang Jingyang in the 8th year of kangxi in Qing Dynasty, Ling Ruhuan in 11th Year of Yongzheng(1733), Wang Peigao in the 46th year of Qianlong (1781), Li Huojin in the 25th of Jiaqing (1820).

Qu Yuan Temple History – Modern Times

After the People's Republic of China set up, it was repaired twice in the 1960's. Later, as Gezhouba Dam was built and the water level increased, the temple was removed to Xiang Jiaping, 3 kilometers to Zigui County in July, 1976. The whole temple covered 20.7 hectares. The main building was started to build in February, 1977, and completed in June 25th. 1982, and was renamed as "Qu Yuan Temple". The new temple gate is in its original form, but in larger scale.

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