History and Current Situation of Dachang Ancient Town
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History and Current Situation of Dachang Ancient Town

Dachang Ancient Town

History of Dachang Ancient Town

As the biggest town along Ning River, Dachang ancient town was under the county rule in every dynasty. It is important port and distributing center of medicinal material and mountain produce. Dachang was named Taichang in Shang and Zhou Dynasties which belonged to Ba Kingdom; later, it changed to Dachang in late Zhou Dynasty. It merged with Wushan County during the reign of the Qing Emperor Kangxi. The terrain in Dachang is complex, mountains are as steep as city wall; the valley is as narrow as corridor. It is really" control the Bashu in the upside and Jinxiang in the downside". From the war among Chu, Kwei and Bashu in Spring and Autumn period to Yiling war in the Three Kingdoms period; from the Zhang Xianzhong insurrectionary army passing by Dachang three times in late Ming Dynasty to the rebel Qing insurgent group in early Qing Dynasty; Dachang always in war. Although Dachang ancient town always experience war in modern times, miraculously, it was well protected in its original style.

Current Situation of Dachang Ancient Town

As Three Gorges Project began to impound in April, 2003, the former address of Dachang ancient town would be submerged by the surging Daning River. In February 21st, 2002, Dachang ancient town was rebuilt under the Xibao mountain range, next to Dachang Lake; 8 kilometers to its former address. It is a miracle in the world ancient vernacular dwelling protection history.

To rebuilt the Dachang ancient town strictly under the rule of rehabbing as what they had been. When the buildings are been dismantled, they were numbered. After they were transported to the rebuilding place, they were put into its original place as numbered.

In present, the rebuilding project has completed. There formed the scenes of North Gate, Court of Family Wen, College in Ming Dynasty and others thousands years old scene. In the town, the buildings with cornice and rake angles, looks very exquisite and full of ancient characteristics which present the Ming and Qing Dynasties buildings features.

The new ancient town will keep its original folk way and customs, and it will re-creates the life scene in ancient town by showing the wine making, weave cloth and other folk craft.

The new Dachang ancient town was opened in April 1st, 2007. The Lesser Three Gorges visitors not only can enjoy the beautiful mountain and river landscape, but also can feel the charm of thousands years old ancient town.

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