History and Culture of Three Gorges
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History and Culture of Three Gorges

Three Gorges

Three Gorges is the birthplace of Ba and Chu Culture; the scene of Three Kingdoms historical events; the hometown of Princess Wang Zhaojun and the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan. Those historical places greatly enriched the history and culture of Three Gorges Scenic Area. At the same time, the poetries wrote by Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Ouyang Xiu, Su Shi, Su Che, Su Xun and Lu You give rise to the beauty of Three Gorges Scenic Area. Tujia people who eternally abiding here, still retains their ancient diet, wedding, religion, clothing, dwelling, festival and taboo customs. For example, hanging mugwort, funeral dance, weeping songs of wedding etc. which fully embody the local customs and distinctive culture of ancient Ba and Chu states. We can say that Three Gorges Scenic Area is not only a scenery gallery but also a corridor of myths, legends and traditional culture.

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