Gold Monkey Ridge
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Gold Monkey Ridge

Gold Monkey Mountain

Gold Monkey Ridge is located in the Shennongding Scenic Area and is the main activity area of golden monkeys. The climate there is cold and cool, and it has abundant rainfalls. It is a typical case of the hundreds of thousands mu of primitive forest since it is very high and steep, and has dense forest, wild flowers and fruits everywhere.

Gold Monkey Ridge is 3019 meters above the sea level and it covers an area of 5 square kilometers. It is 107 kilometers far from Songxiangping, 1 kilometer far from the Jiujiuxian and with Hongyandong in its south, Xiaolongtan in its north, Caopingwan in its east and Changyanwu in its west. The Huashan Pines, Bashan Pines and some rhesus animals growing in the mountain. The mountain slopes gently and enjoys abundant rainfalls, the ground here is fertile and you can also see waterfalls rushing down the cliffs.

Gold Monkey Ridge – Inhabitance of Golden Monkeys

Gold Monkey Ridge is one of the places where the primitive forest is well-protected in Shennongjia Scenic Area. It attracts a lot of experts here for investigation since the golden monkeys (under the State's first-grade protection) inhabited here. And this mountain has been a rare protection area of the golden monkeys and white bears. Visitors can witness the true face of the golden monkeys while enjoy the sightseeing.

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