Geography of Nanjing
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Geography of Nanjing


Nanjing is located at 31°14′N to 32° 37′N, and 118°22′E to 119° 14′E. It covers an area of 6,597 square kilometers. Low mountains and hills take most of Nanjing. Zijin Mountain, Mufu Mountain and Xixia Mountain formed the west part of Ningzhen Mountains. Yangtze River turns from northwest to southeast at Nangjing and merged into Zhenjiang River. There are the following bigger shoals on the river: the Bagua Islet and the Jiangxin Islet.

Geography of Nanjing - Qinhuai River

Qinhuai River is the most important regional river. It has two sources: the southern one is at Jurong and the northern one is at Lishui. The two streams meet at Fangshan of Jiangning District and then separated outside Tongji Gate of Nanjing. The inside Qinhuai River flows through the south of Nanjing city, and it is known as "10 Miles Qinhuai River". It collects with the outside Qinhuai River, outside Xishuiguan and then joints the Yangtze River. The following are the other important water in Nanjing: Chehe River flows through Liuhe District, Gucheng Lake in Gaochun, and Shijiu Lake in Lishui. There are other lakes and rivers within Nanjing city, such as Xuanwu Lake, Mochou Lake, and Jinchuan River.

Geography of Nanjing - Climate

Nanjing has a typical north subtropical monsoon climate. It has 4 distinctive seasons; it has long summer and winter, but short spring and autumn. In summer, the temperature here could reach 40 ℃ and there is always a southwestern wind. It was one of the "3 Furnace City" in China. In winter, the temperature here could reach -8 ℃ and there is always a northeastern wind. The annual average temperature here is 16℃. Nanjing has abundant rainfall. The average rainy period is 117 days a year, and its annual perception is 1,106.5 millimeters. Plum rains here occur in late June and mid-July; the typhoon action over Western Pacific will bring a lot of rainfall in summer and autumn.

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