Four Unique Scenic Features of Huangshan Mountain
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Four Unique Scenic Features of Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain

Four Unique Scenic Features of Huangshan Mountain – Fantastic Pines

Huangshan Mountain extends hundreds miles, with thousands peaks and valleys. You can see pines on Huangshan Mountain everywhere. Huangshan Mountain pines are growing in the high mountains, 800 meters in altitude. The pines are growing in the cracks of giant rocks. The pines needles are thick and short, green and dense. The pines are in various forms. Some of them are tall and straight; some of them standing on the peak top lonely; some of them overhanging on cliff; some of them as flat as lid; while some of them as sharp as sword. Some of them depend on cliff, around rocks; some of them grow in rock cracks. We can say "all the trees on the mountain are pines, all the rocks are covered by pines and all the pines are fantastic".

Huangshan Mountain pine is an anamorphosis of Chinese pine which formed under the special physiognomy and climate in Huangshan Mountain. In general, Huangshan Mountain pines grow in the place where over 800 meters in altitude. Commonly, the place is on 1500 to 1700 meters in north side slope, 1000 to 1600 meters in south slope. The various postures of Huangshan Mountain pines are influenced by natural environment of Huangshan Mountain. The seeds of the pines are sent into rock cracks by wind, and they grow in it.

Four Unique Scenic Features of Huangshan Mountain – Queer Stone

Stones on Huangshan Mountain win for queer and are famous for amount. There are more than 120 queer stones were named for their queer shape. Some of the stones look like person, some like things, and some like animals. They are in various shapes, looks lifelike. Queer stones in Huangshan Mountain will present different scenes when you look them in different location and weather. Queer stones distributed in many places; some of them towering on a peak, some of they staying on cliff edge, some of they combining with pines and forming a natural mountain and stone picture.

Four Unique Scenic Features of Huangshan Mountain – the Sea of Clouds

Since ancient, Huangshan Mountain is the hometown of clouds and mist. The clouds and mist just like a coat on Huangshan Mountain. The sea of clouds is famous for beautiful, grand, wonderful, and fantastic scenery. You can come to enjoy the sea of clouds all the year, but the best season to go is winter. The sea of clouds can be divided into East Sea, South Sea, West Sea, North Sea and Sky Sea based on its distribution; while on Lotus Peak, Tiandu Peak, Bright Peak, you can see all the sea of clouds and you will feel that "the end of sea is sky; the top of mountain is yourself".

Four Unique Scenic Features of Huangshan Mountain – Hot Spring

Hot spring as one of the four unique scenic features of Huangshan Mountain originates from Ziyun (Purple Cloud) Peak which is 850 meters in altitude. The water is richly carbonated, so it can drink and use to bathe. In legends, Emperor Xuan Yuan ever had bath in there for forty-nine days, then he back to young and become immortal. Hence, the hot spring also named "Magic Spring".

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