Foods and Drinks on Three Gorges Cruise
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Foods and Drinks on Three Gorges Cruise

Three Gorges Cruise

Now, more and more people take Three Gorges Cruise to visit the Yangtze River, enjoy the grand and beautiful scenery on the both banks. On the Three Gorges Cruise, the high quality facilities and thoughtful service will give you deep impression, while the delicious foods will bring your different gestation enjoyment. Based on different diet habits, the Three Gorges Cruise arranges different dishes and drinks to meet different requirement.

Foods on Three Gorges Cruise

The Three Gorges Cruise will arrange three all meals for passengers. The breakfast is Chinese and Western buffet, while the lunch and dinner almost are Chinese style meal. The Three Gorges Cruise can change part of western dishes based on passengers' reservation. The dishes for lunch and dinner includes one appetizer, six cold dishes, eight hot dishes, one hot soup, two main dishes, and some dessert and fruits. If you have some special requirement about the foods (vegetarian food, Muslim meal and so on), please inform us when you reserve the ship. We will try our best to chime in with the Three Gorge Cruise to meet your need. The Three Gorges Cruise offer 24 hours room service. But it needs to reserve in advance.

Drinks on Three Gorges Cruise

When have meals on Three Gorges Cruise, there offer free non-alcohol drinks and beer. If you need other alcohol drinks and hard liquor, you need to pay them. At the same time, the drinks offered by Three Gorges Cruise are limited.

Presently, the Three Gorges Cruise has the water purification equipments and soil removability, and the facilities for sterilization and filtration. The water for life on Three Gorges Cruise is not drinkable. The drinking water on Three Gorges Cruise almost is the boiled water sent to your room by the service staff on the ship. The drinking water provided by Three Gorges Cruise can reach the drinking water standard which published by National Health Service. Some Three Gorges Cruise also prepares a certain number of bottle drinking water for passengers in the guest room.

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