Folk Customs of Three Gorges Area
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Folk Customs of Three Gorges Area

Dresses of Miao People

Folk Customs of Three Gorges Area – Brief Introduction

Three Gorges is attractive for visitors both at home and abroad not only for its splendid landscapes but also for its special and unique folkways. There are beautiful minnow called "peach fish" in Chinese; "panda in Yangtze River" – Chinese sturgeon; graceful dance of Tujia People and special wedding customs of Miao People; the ancient towns at the end of the long steps.

Visitors here would find them in a world of baskets carried on the back. In the harvest time, you can see abundant golden oranges in the branches all over the mountains no matter which valley you go into. There will be exciting and interesting dragon boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival (May 5th according to Chinese lunar calendar). Visitors could also enjoy the boat trackers' song at Lesser Three Gorges.

Three Gorges Culture and Folk Customs Park

Three Gorges Culture and Folk Customs Park is located at Xujiachong of Three Gorges Dam Area. It is only 600 meters away from Tanziling Scenic Spot (the best place to take a overlook of Three Gorges Dam) and is only 300 meters away from the Five-stage Ship Lock of Three Gorges Dam.

Three Gorges Culture, Geography and Folk Customs Park is noted for its beautiful landscape and is a good place to watch Three Gorges Dam and its five-stage ship lock, and also a good choice for relaxation and vacation. The transportation here is very convenient. It covers an area of more than 180 mu.

Three Gorges Culture and Folk Customs Park collects the culture, geography and folkways of Three Gorges Area together just as its name. The Yangtze River Aquarium World, the Showground of Ancient Battles of Three Kingdoms Period, Street of Tourism Goods and the Exhibition Hall of Prehistoric Mystery of Three Gorges had been completed and opened to visitors. Visitors could even see the "panda in Yangtze River" – Chinese sturgeon in Yangtze River Aquarium World.

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