Fengjie County
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Fengjie County

White Emperor City

History and Culture of Fengjie County

Since the ancient times, Fenjie County is one of the best preserved ancient counties along the Yangtze River. In the county, there are still remains two quaint ancient county gates and numerous historic sites and spots.

Fengjie has been reputed as the city of poetry. Since  the Tang and Song dynasties, the poets came to here one after another to live, travel or work. They pondered on the worthies, sang the praises for the magnificent scenery and they created thousands of poetry for this ancient land. When the contemporary scholars went into Fengjie, they also sigh with feeling about the poetic mountains, water and plants.

From Sui Dynasty to the beginning of the last century, Fengjie is the government of the county or state. It is the political, military, economical and cultural center of east Sichuan. Especially in the Three Kingdoms period, on this land, the Shu monarch and his subjects had performed a famous earthshaking historical drama. Liu Bei entrusted his orphan to Zhuge Liang; Zhuge Liang placed Eight Diagrams; Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun have stationed here. In the end of Western Han Dynasty, Gongsun Shu declared himself king in Sichuan and he built up a fortress at the arduous Qutang Gorge. One day, Gongsun Shu saw the white smoke came from the well resembling a white dragon, so he called himself White Emperor and the city White Emperor City. 12 years later, Gongsun Shu was killed in battle, in order to remember him, people built a White Emperor Temple on the White Emperor Mountain. From 1533 to now, the White Emperor Temple began offering Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang fei and Zhuge Liang.

In the bright dawn clouds I left White Emperor City

A thousand li to Jiangling takes only a day

I hear the incessant cry of monkeys from the banks

My light barge has passed countless folds of hills.

Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai wrote this quatrain which become world famous.

Climate of Fengjie County

Fengjie is located in mountain area around Chongqing Basin, with the subtropical south-east monsoon climate, four distinctive seasons, abundant rainfall, rich in natural products. For example, Fengjie orange is famous at home and abroad.

New Fengjie County

The Grand Three Gorges Dam on Yangtze River has been completed yet. The water reservation project of the Three Gorges Dam has been achieved at 165 meters the ancient Fengjie County has been submerged by water.

Though the ancient Fengjie County disappeared, a whole new county has stood up which not only remains his ancient culture and history but also a dynamic and vigorous new county.

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