Fatal Attractions of Three Gorges
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Fatal Attractions of Three Gorges

Three Gorges

Fatal Attractions of Three Gorges – Various Scenic Spots

Three Gorges is the most beautiful and attractive part of Yangtze River. It is the most famous golden tourism route in China. You could appreciate various amazing landscapes along Three Gorges, such as White Crane Ridge Underwater Museum in Fuling District, Fengdu Ghost City, Shibaozhai (Stone Treasure Stockade) in Zhongxian County, Zhang Fei Temple in Yunyang County, White Emperor City in Fengjie County and the worldly famous Three Gorges Dam. Visitors could also enjoy the excessively beautiful Lesser Three Gorges of Daning River.

Fatal Attractions of Three Gorges – Improving Quality

Recent years, the quality of the scenic spots along Three Gorges was improved greatly. The modification works of Fengdu Ghost City had been completed before the National Day of 2011. The new reception center covers an area of more than 10000 square meters and is characterized by the construction style of Tang and Han dynasties. It has done a good preparation to welcome visitors both at home and abroad. The magnificent Fengjie Zhongyi (Loyalty) Square add another beauty to White Emperor City. The creeping ancient plank road which stretches over 3 kilometers made the Lesser Three Gorges more attractive.

Fatal Attractions of Three Gorges – Beautiful Landscapes

Make a visit to Three Gorges, visitors could look up to the steep, dangerous, magnificent, beautiful and towering cliffs on both banks of the gorges. It is reported that the landscape of Qutang Gorge has been printed on RMB. It is widely known that Qutang Gorge is noted for its magnificence, Wu Gorge is famous for its beauty and Xiling Gorge is characterized by steep and dangerous.

Fatal Attractions of Three Gorges – Yangtze Cruise Ships

Three Gorges is attractive to visitors both at home and abroad is not only for its particular and beautiful landscapes but also for the Yangtze cruise ships. Visitors could enjoy a relaxed and comfortable vacation on the cruise ships while admire the beautiful landscape of Three Gorges. Visitors praised the cruise ships as floating five-star hotels on Yangtze River since there are completed facilities and comprehensive services on the cruise ships.

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