Facts of Three Gorges Dam
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Facts of Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam

Brief Introduction of Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam is the greatest hydropower project in the world. It is located in the middle of Xiling Gorge, the Sandouping in Yichang Municipality, Hubei province. It is 38 kilometers away from the Gezhouba Water Control Project. Three Gorges Dam cost 95.46 billion RMB, including main building project and division works. The project was started on Dec.14, 1994 and completed on May 20, 2006. On Jul.19, 2010, Three Gorges Dam stood up the 65000 cubic meters per second flood which is the ak-peak of Yangtze River in the flood of 1998.That's also the first greatest flood challenge to Three Gorges Dam since it was built. It was approved by the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters that Three Gorges Reservoir would start the fourth 175 meters experimental pounding at 0 o'clock on September 10, 2011. At 19 o'clock on September 19, the water level in reservoir reached 160.18 meters.

The Advantages of Three Gorges Dam

1) Benefit to Flood Control

At the run-time of Three Gorges Reservoir obligate 22.15 billion cubic meters flood control capacity. The Reservoir can reduce the peak discharge about 27000 -33000 cubic meters per second. That's the highest number in the world's hydraulic work.

2) Output of Plant is Great

Three Gorges Hydropower Station installed 32 hydro generating units (including the 6 in the underground powerhouse) whose single-machine capacity is 0.7 million kilowatt-hour and 2 hydro generating units whose capacity is 50 thousand kilowatt-hour. The installed gross capacity is 22.5 million kilowatt-hours and annual power generation reach 0.1 trillion degrees. That's the biggest Hydropower station in output of plant.

3) Navigation Benefit is Obvious

Three Gorges Dam make the water back to Chongqing, and that's improved the transport condition for 660 kilometers. The fleet tonnage in the sailing course between Chongqing and Yichang can increase to ten thousand tons. Three Gorges Dam worthy the name of The Top Key Project.

4) Drought Relief Function is great

If there is a drought in the down stream area, Three Gorges Dam can increase the waterdrainage amount to relief the drought.

The Disadvantages of Three Gorges Dam

The dam block silt flow into down stream, made the estuary where Yangtze River flow into the sea became smaller and the salt water in the sea flow back to the land. The untreated waste water and fertilizer remainder pour into the reservoir lead to the growth of giant Algae and threaten the water supply in downstream. Pounding in dam and the adjustment in rainy season raised the landslide and damaged the geologic structure in some areas.

Three Gorges Dam as the greatest hydropower project in the world bring us so many benefits in many aspects. We should treat it from different view. We can see the advantages of Three Gorges Dam over the disadvantages.

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