Extra Expense and Tip on Three Gorges Cruise
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Extra Expense and Tip on Three Gorges Cruise

Three Gorges Cruise

Extra Expense on Three Gorges Cruise

Although the ship ticket includes shore excursion and meals on the ship, there are some extra expenses, like drinks, laundry, haircut, hair beauty, gym, massage and recreational and so on. The charge standard of these service items about as bellow: (Based on the standard on Orient Royal Cruise)

Laundry service: about 1 to 8 dollars per piece

Haircut: about 10 to 50 dollars for male guests, and about 10 to 70 dollars for female guests.

Massage: about 15 to 20 dollars per hour.

Tip: about 3 to 5 dollars per day (it will increase 15 dollars for shore excursion).

All charging service items on Three Gorges Cruise will be charged 15 percent service fee. Presently, the consumption of every visitor on the Yangtze River about as bellow: about 150 to 200 dollars per day on four or five star standard Three Gorges Cruise; about 120 to 150 dollars per day on three star standard Three Gorges Cruise; less than 100 dollars per day on two star standard Three Gorges Cruise. Compare with giant ships on sea, Nile or inland river of European, the consumption on Three Gorges Cruise is more reasonable than the same standard ships.

Tip on Three Gorges Cruise

It is prohibited to ask for tip from guests in China. But tip has become an important part of service staff's income. In common situation, the salary of service staff is about 30 to 70 dollars. So, tips are welcomed by them. You can refuse to give tips to any guide or service staff who do not offer service to you for asking tips. If their action affected your tour and bring loss to your, you can ask or compensation. More commonly, you can give some tips to the service staff who carry luggage for your, room service staff and guide to show your approval for their work.

On common Three Gorges Cruise, the tip for the whole tour is about 20 dollars. You may give more tips to the guide on the ship than other service staff. There are public tip box on Three Gorges Cruise. You can put your tips into it. And the money in the box will be shared by all staff on the ship. Your tip is your approval for the service on the ship.

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