Events in Three Gorges Dam History
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Events in Three Gorges Dam History

Three Gorges Dam

In 1918, Sun Yat-sen put forward the original idea about Three Gorges Project in his work: "we should use lock to intercept the water, so ships can navigate upstream, and use the water power."

After the People's Republic of China was set up, Yangtze River Committee was set up in February, 1950, which was set about for administrating Yangtze River. In 1995, it started to plan Yangtze River basin and the related works of Three Gorges Project. And these works ended in 1957.

In December 26th, 1970, Yangtze River Gezhouba Dam was approved to build. This is preparation work for the Three Gorges Project construction.

In April 3rd, 1992, fifth meeting of the 7th National People's Congress passed through the Resolution about Three Gorges Project Construction. This meeting completed the legislative procedure of Three Gorges Project and came into enforcement stage.

In September 27th, 1993, China Yangtze River Three Gorges Project Development Company was set up in Yichang Municipality.

In December 14th, 1994, Li Peng announced to the world that Three Gorges Project start in Sandouping, Yichang.

In November 9th, 1997, Three Gorges Project realized river interception, and the first stage aim was completed.

In 1998, Three Gorges Project came into the second stage construction.

In 2000, Three Gorges Project began to install machine groups.

In October 10th, 2002, the experts meeting of State Department Three Gorges Project second stage project inspection committee was held in Three Gorges Dam area, and the inspection works before flow lead and flow interception project started.

In October 21st, 2002, the most important flood discharge part of Three Gorges Dam was built completely, and the altitude of the whole line reached 185 meters as it designed.

In October 26th, 2002, 1.6 kilometers long left bank dam of Three Gorges Dam was completed. The whole dam has reached the 185 meters altitude as it designed.

In December 7th, 2002, rotor of the largest hydropower generator unit in the world was set up in Three Gorges construction site successfully, which symbolized the first generator in Three Gorges Dam was basically completed and it came into the whole install stage.

In December 16th, 2002, Three Gorges Project third stage project concrete cofferdam began to be built. The third stage cofferdam designed build amount was 1100,000 cubic meters, which will protect the right bank dam, power plant house and right bank construction site with the downstream earth and stone cofferdam. It is key project for realizing water storage, navigation and power generation.

In April 11th, 2003, the temporary ship locks of Three Gorges Dam stopped navigation. Three Gorges basin stopped navigation for 67 days and recovered navigation in June 16th. At the same time, the bypass the dam site project started.

In April 16th, 2003, the third stage cofferdam concrete roller compaction project completed. It reached the 140 meters designed level before 55 days than the contract duration.

In April 22nd, 2003, the project that rebuilt the left bank temporary ship locks of Three Gorges Project started.

In April 27th, 2003, the second stage migration project of Three Gorges Project passed through the inspection, which symbolized the Three Gorge migration works achieved important stage success.

In May, 21st, 2003, State Department inspection group announced that Three Gorges second stage project reached the 135 meters water storage and trail navigation requirement. They agreed that Three Gorges Dam began to store water from June 1st, and carried out permanent ship locks navigation from June, 2003.

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