Dragon Bridge River
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Dragon Bridge River

Dragon Bridge River

Brief Introduction of Dragon Bridge River

World class underground river – Dragon Bridge River located in southeast of Fengjie Tiankengdifeng Scenic Area, among the mountains of Dragon Bridge Tujia area, Fengjie County, altitude in 1500 meters.

Dragon Bridge River stretched 3.3 meters, originated under the cliff of Lock Dragon Pole. The underground water well up from underground and formed a clear river, just like a long and narrow ribbon in bright green color. Limpid water flow on the irregularity little stones, surrounding Mountains all the year, passing by Beauty Waterfall, through Dragon Bridge, cross Cloud Dragon Cave, flow into underground water at last.

Origin of Dragon Bridge River

It originated from underground river and flowed into underground river. Although the land part is short, it twists and with beautiful and charming landscape. The most special one is the Dragon Bridge. It is in 60 meters high. Actually, it was a stone mountain which likes a wall and a hole on it formed by water, so it also called TianSheng Bridge (made by God). There is a road and a Cloud Dragon Temple on the Bridge, looks so grand. The Cloud Dragon Cave is very special for it will blow cold wind in spring and warn wind in winter, and there are some mist and cloud come out from the cave. That's special and beautiful landscape. In Dragon Bridge Village, villagers also found an odd cave, which named Chaotian Cave. It has seven exits in three floors. The first floor is ancient cave with stalactite and spring. The second floor is middle aged cave in palace style. It's so large that can include thousands people. The third floor in circle pipe shape and every hole is linked.

Based on the data, Dagon Bridge River is one part of underground river, the name after the bridge. There is a beautiful legend about the bridge: a dragon locked by mountain, and he want to go to the sea, but he was stopped by mountains. So, he used his head to strike the mountain, and he stroke out a door; later, a greater mountain before him, he used his head to strike again, there appeared a big hole, but the dragon didn't come out. In 2004, China and French Union Expedition finally discovered the out spout of underground river, and correctly measured its length is 50 kilometers. The research showed Dragon Bridge River lasted 50 kilometers which is the longest underground river system in the world.

Dragon Bridge Underground River is a big cave formed by the erosion of subterranean stream. It is very rare that so large underground river system appeared in Karst region. It is benefit to figure out the structural fracture degree of development, the condition of crustal uplift and river fell as well as recover paleogeography, palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironment. It is in highly science, ornamental and scientific research value.

For the past many years, the discovery of Dragon Bridge River has caused hot discussion in the world. The scenery of Dragon Bridge scenic spot is very beautiful, mountain is green, and water is limpid. It is a good place to enjoy the nature. The highest temperature about 25℃ in summer. It is a great place to camp for backpackers.

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