Dongting Lake
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Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake

Brief Introduction of Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake is located in northern Hunan Province and southern Hubei Province. It is the fourth largest lake in China, only follows Qinghai Lake, Khanka Lake and Poyang Lake. It is also the second largest freshwater lake in China. Dongting Lake covers an area of 2820 square kilometers (data in 1998). Xiang River, Zi River, Yuan River and Li River pour into Dongting Lake and flow into Yangtze River since it linked with Yangtze River in the north. It plays an important role in flood storage and regulation of Yangtze River.

Dongting Lake Basin

The average annual precipitation of Dongting Lake Basin is 1427 millimeters. The average annual runoff is 201.6 billion cubic meters, which takes 21 percent of the surface water of Yangtze River Basin and that tops among the tributaries of Yangtze River. Dongting Lake Basin covers most part of Hunan Province, Hubei Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guizhou Province and part of Chongqing. Its drainage area covers more than 262800 square kilometers, which takes about 14 percent of the drainage area of Yangtze River.

The west part of Dongting Lake Basin is mountain land about 200-000 meters above the sea level. The south part of Dongting Lake Basin is hill and basin about 50-400 meters above the sea level. The north part of Dongting Lake Basin is plain only 25-40 meters above the sea level. Dongting Lake Basin enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate. Its annual precipitation is 1300-1700 millimeters. The rainfall is concentrated in April, May and June. The precipitation between April and June takes about 50 percent of the precipitation of a year.

Scenic Spots of Dongting Lake

Scenic Spots of Dongting Lake – Jun Mountain

Jun Mountain is one of the most famous scenic spots of Dongting Lake. Jun Mountain is an island on Dongting Lake which is about 15 kilometers away from Yueyang City. It covers an area less than 100 hectares, but there are 72 big and small peaks on this island. Jun Mountain is noted for its amazing mountain and lake landscape. There are also many noted historical relics with beautiful and moving legends.

Scenic Spots of Dongting Lake – Yueyang Tower

Yueyang Tower is on the bank of Dongting Lake. Yueyang Tower was built in 220. The existing Yueyang Tower was rebuilt in 1984. A lot of men of letters climb on Yueyang Tower to appreciate the lake landscape of Yueyang Lake. They left many poets and paintings here made Yueyang Tower more attractive. Yueyang Tower is also noted for its special architecture art. It has been listed as a national key cultural relic unit and an AAAAA scenic spot.

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