Dining on Three Gorges Cruise
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Dining on Three Gorges Cruise

Three Gorges Cruise

Dining on Three Gorges Cruise – Brief Introduction

Dining is an important part of daily life. Tasting delicious foods is the most important enjoyment in life. In the sunset glow, sit in the dining room on Three Gorges Cruise with giant glass porthole to taste Chinese local dishes and enjoy the changeable scenery on the both banks of the Yangtze River, that's so amazing. Passengers on Three Gorges Cruise will have fix seat to have meals, and the seat will be arranged according to team, nationality diet habits, religion and culture, and there are fixed service staff to offer service to passengers. In general, there are ten passengers on one desk. During the Three Gorges tour, there are many shore excursion and various recreational activities on the ship, it is very necessary to fix a time for meal so that passengers can utmost take part in these actives. If you have special requirements about foods, you can contact with the Three Gorges Cruise in advance. The meals on Three Gorges Cruise include buffet and desk meal. The duration of having buffet is about one or two hours, while the desk meal is about 1 hour. Now, many Three Gorges Cruises take buffets, except welcome party and banquet. Many Three Gorges Cruises also public the menu on the door of dining hall, and provide order menu for booking in advance.

Dining on Three Gorges Cruise – Meals during the Tour

The ticket of Three Gorges Cruise includes all meals on the ship. Dining on Three Gorges Cruise (start from the first morning on the ship)includes breakfast (Chinese and western buffet), and offer free morning coffee. The lunch is almost Chinese and Western mixed meal, while the dinner is Chinese desk meal. The foods on Three Gorges Cruise almost are Chinese style foods, including rich local special dishes which are different in each meal. During your Three Gorges tour, the lunch and dinner time may be adjusted according to the itinerary.

In general, passengers on the ship will have meals together, and time for meal is informed through the broadcast on the ship. If you have any special requirement, please consult the reception desk. If you want to have meals alone, please book in advance and confirm when you check in.

During the Three Gorges tour, you not only can enjoy Chinese and Western dishes which prepared by high standard cook on the ship, you also have opportunity to taste some local special dishes

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