Consumption on Three Gorges Cruise
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Consumption on Three Gorges Cruise

Three Gorges Cruise

Consumption on Three Gorges Cruise – Luggage

There is no limitation about the luggage. On some Three Gorges Cruise, there is luggage rack in guest room. If the gust room is small, the Three Gorges Cruise will offer luggage storage service. Your luggage can be send to Three Gorges Cruise in advance, or arrive with you. The service staff on Three Gorges Cruise will send your luggage to your room once your room confirmed. In common situation, the Three Gorges Cruise also offers luggage removal service, and the charge is about one or two dollars a piece of luggage.

Consumption on Three Gorges Cruise – Dining

The Three Gorges Cruise will arrange all meals for passengers. In general, the breakfast on Three Gorges Cruise is Chinese and Western buffet, lunch and dinner almost are Chinese style meal. The dishes also can be changed if passengers have special requirement.

The lunch on Three Gorges Cruise almost starts at 12:00, and the dinner starts at 19:00 or later. But the time maybe adjusted according to the itinerary. In most conditions, passengers on Three Gorges Cruise will have meals together, and the broadcast will inform the time.

If you have any special requirement about foods, please inform the staff on the ship when you check in.

The Three Gorges Cruise offer free non-alcoholic drinks and beer. If you have any other need, you need to pay. The dining room, bar and recreational center prohibit bring drinks and foods into it.

Consumption on Three Gorges Cruise – Tip

It is prohibited that to ask for tips from passengers. But, tips have become an important part of tourism service staff's income. In common situation, the salary of service staff is about 30 to 70 dollars, so the tip is welcomed by them. But you can refuse to give tips to those who do not offer service to you or cause any troubles to you.

In general, you are suggested to give tips to the luggage service staff, room service staff and the guide to show your improvement about their service.

Consumption on Three Gorges Cruise – Payment

After your check-in works done, you will get a ship card, with your room number and name on it. You can consume on Three Gorges Cruise and sign the bill with this card. When you reach the destination, you can pay your bill at the reception desk through cash or credit card

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