Cloths for Taking Three Gorges Cruise
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Cloths for Taking Three Gorges Cruise

Three Gorges Cruise

Cloths for Taking Three Gorges Cruise in Different Seasons

The Yangtze River is located in subtropics monsoon climate region, and the latitude is about 30°. The four seasons at here are very obvious, and the really cold time is very short. In common situation, the temperature in January is higher than 5 ℃.With the effect of global warming, there almost have no very cold time on the Yangtze river, hence the outdoor activities will not be affected. The climate in gorges of Yangtze River is warmer than plain area, and average temperature will higher 1℃ or 2℃. The average temperature of Three Gorges area in spring and autumn is between10℃ and 20℃ . If you have Three Gorges tour in spring and autumn, you are suggested to bring sweater, thin jacket and rain-proof dustcoat with hat on it. In summer, the cotton T-shirt, short sleeves shirt, hat and sunglasses are necessary for outdoor activities. It will be good for your skin to smear some sun cream in summer. If you have Three Gorges tour in winter, you are suggested to bring thick sweater, warm jacket and dustcoat with hat. The shore excursion of Three Gorges Cruise needs to walk up stairs and climb up mountains, so a pair of comfortable and light travel shoes is definitely necessary. As there are shore excursion activities every day, you are suggested to prepare two pair of shoes for change. If you do have too much requirements about clothes, you can buy suitable cloths in every city of china. The Three Gorges Cruise also offer wind and rain coat, cotton T-shirt, sunhat and so on with the logo of ship on it. The price of these things is reasonable.

Cloths for Taking Three Gorges Cruise in Different Occasion

The atmosphere on Three Gorges Cruise is different. Visitors come here for relaxing. So you can choose some clothes what you like. But, when you take part in the captain's welcome party and banquet, you are suggested to dress some modesty clothes. Female guests are suggested to wear dress, while male guests are suggested to wear Western-style clothes. There is no need to wear dinner jacket. The "daily activity" on Three Gorges Cruise will inform visitors the most suitable clothes for this day. On various Three Gorges Cruises, there are different theme parties. So, please prepare suitable clothes for your Three Gorges tour.

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