Climate of Huangshan Mountain
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Climate of Huangshan Mountain

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Huangshan City is located in the northern subtropical zone, and enjoys a humid monsoon climate. It is mild with a lot of rains, and has four distinctive seasons. The annual average temperature is 15℃-16℃. Most parts of Huangshan have cold-free winter, and 236 days are frost-free. The average annual precipitation is 1,670 millimeters, and it reaches 2,708 millimeters at its highest. The precipitation period is between May and August. It is rich in water and heat resource. It is suitable for the cultivation of tea, fruit trees and crops.

Climate of Huangshan Mountain - Best Travel Season

There are different beautiful landscapes at Huangshan Mountain in four seasons:

In spring (March - May), hundreds of flowers are open with splendor and birds singing. It would present you a flourishing and prosperous panorama.

In summer (June - August), the dense strangely-shaped pines with a thick canopy of branches, the subtle grotesque rock formations in the mist and the ear-splitting waterfall. It is an ideal summer resort for leisure.

In autumn (September - November), the green pines, grotesque rock formations, red maples and chrysantheumums would attract you deeply.

In winter (December - February), you can come here to appreciate the snow landscapes at that rime.

At Huangshan Mountain, you could appreciate the strangely-shaped pines and grotesque rock formations in sunny days, enjoy the changeable clouds in cloudy days, admire snow landscape and the rime in snowy days, and hear the sound of the pines in windy days. Huangshan would offer you a unique landscape in all kinds of weather. You can enjoy the amazing nature here, Huangshan Mountain worth your visiting.

Climate of Huangshan Mountain - Scenic Spots

Winter is the peak season for Huangshan Mountain tour since visitors thought that Huangshan Mountain is the most beautiful one in winter. December to February of is the best period for Huangshan Mountain tour since it would snow heavily during that period.

Winter is season which the cloud deck always appears, and sometimes the cloud deck would last for 3 days and not disappear. Be aware that Celestial Capital Peak and White Cloud Stream would be close to the visitors.

Other Scenic Spots at Huangshan Mountain: Qingliang Terrace, Shixin Peak, Yuping Pavillion, Guangming Peak, Lotus Flower Peak, Flying Stone and the Huangshan Spring

Climate of Huangshan Mountain - Objective Data

Huangshan has a lot of rainy days and foggy days. Its annual average temperature is 7.8 ℃. The precipitation period is between April and June. The average temperature in summer is 25℃ and the average temperature in winter is above 0℃ in the spring area which is 630 meters above the sea level.

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