Climate and Ecology of Huangshan Mountain
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Climate and Ecology of Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain

Climate of Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain located in subtropics monsoon climate region, the north edge of middle subtropical zone where is evergreen broad-leaved forest, the zone of red soil and yellow soil. For the high mountains and deep valleys, climate of this region is in vertical distribution. At the same time, the range of sunshine radiation in north slope and south slop is large and part terrain is the main work on climate. So, dense fog and clouds, high humidity, large amount of precipitation are the features of climate in this region. Climate in this region is close to oceanic climate in which the summer is cool and winter is warm. The temperature range of four seasons is about 20℃. The highest temperature in summer is 27℃, while the lowest temperature in winter is 22℃ bellow zero. The annual average temperature is 7.8℃, the average temperature in summer is 25℃, while the average temperature in winter is over 0℃. The rainy days in a year are 183 days, and most of them in April to June. The annual precipitation on mountain is 2395mm. Most wind on the mountain is from southwest and northwest. The annual average snowy days are 49 days.

Ecology of Huangshan Mountain

The natural environment in Huangshan Mountain is very complex, but the ecology is very steady and balanced. Plants in Huangshan Mountain are in vertical distribution and in complete unit. There is a high mountain swamp and a high mountain meadow where is aggregation of green plants. The forest coverage rate of Huangshan Mountain is 56 percents, while the plants coverage rate is 83 percents. There are 1452 kinds of wild plants on Huangshan Mountain; include metasequoia which is first class protection plant, gingkgo and other three kinds of second class protection plant, nine kinds of third class protection plant, ten kinds of endangered plants, six kinds of plants which are only grow in China and two kinds of plants which only grow in Huangshan Mountain. There are 28 kinds of plants firstly found on Huangshan Mountain and named after Huangshan Mountain. The most famous in the world are the Huangshan Mountain tea and Huangshan Mountain ganoderma. There are 300 kinds of animals on Huangshan Mountain, include spotted deer, tufted deer, sambar, serow, syrmaticus reevesii and other 14 kinds of wild animals which are under national protection.

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