Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave
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Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave

Chongqing Godness Cave

Name Origin of Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave

Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave is located at Wenquan Town of Kaixian County. It covers an area of about 0.4 – 0.5 million square meters. It is characterized by grand, deep and mysterious. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. It was named Thunder Cave since there is a legend goes that Fairy Lady Cave was split by the thunder. It is also named Ling Cave since its internal landscape is really mysterious and amazing. From Emperor Qianlong Period to Emperor Xianfeng Period of Qing Dynasty, local people said that there was a Fairy Lady made shoes for the poverty-stricken salt workers and boatmen; hence the cave was called Fairy Lady Cave.

Landscape of Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave

The existing palaces and corridors were renovated in the third year of Xuantong Period. The theatrical stage inside the second gate is not very big but it is wooden-bracket structured. The mouth of Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave is behind a courtyard. There is a two-floor palace above the mouth of the cave. There exists a stone gate for appreciating.

Landscape of Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave – Outer Cave

The outer cave of Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave is about 10 meters high and 25 meters wide, grand and spacious. There are two phoebe bourneis standing in the mouth of the cave just like two pillars. Vines hanging on the top of the cave looked like curtains. There is a big stone like a wall divided the cave into two parts. The front part is pretty bright. There are statue of Fairy Lady, stone bed, stone couch, stone desks and stools. The Fairy Lady statue is more than 3 meters high. There was a stone bell hang on the top of the cave which dropped down in February 1962.

Landscape of Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave – Inner Cave

The inner cave of Chongqing Fairy Lady Cave is rather dark. The giant stones here looked like lions and horses. There is a hole on the left part through which one could get to the outer cave. One can only step further with the light of candle or torch when you entered the cave. But you will find it is wide and bright if you get deeper into the cave. There are holes in the top of the cave; some of them are as big as moon while the others as small as star. The sunshine came in from the holes and the cave was named Moon cave. The front part of the cave is pretty flat and there is a pool with a big stone in it named Bathing Lion. There is a slope with grotesque rocks in the back cave. There is a path through which visitors could climb up. Stand on the top of the slop, people would be surprised by various shapes of stalactites.

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