Chinese Sturgeon in Yangtze River
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Chinese Sturgeon in Yangtze River

Chinese Sturgeon

Chinese sturgeon is a giant anadromous migration fish. It is a special, ancient, rare and precious fish in Yangtze River. It is one of the most primitive existing fishes which existed with dinosaurs in the world. Chinese sturgeon is really a living fossil.

Chinese Sturgeon in Yangtze River - Brief Introduction

Chinese sturgeon is the most ancient vertebrate on the Earth. It is the offspring of the ancient acanthodian which was thought to be the ancestor of fishes. It could be dated back to 0.14 billion years ago. It had been existed with dinosaur. Chinese sturgeon is an important reference for the research of the evolution of the fish. It has significant scientific value for the research of biological evolution, geology, physiognomy and transgression of sea. It has inestimable ecological, social and economic value.

As a result of a variety of reasons, Chinese sturgeon is suffering the danger of extinction. Protect ion and rescue of the endangered "living fossil" is meaningful for the development of the wildlife resources and maintenance of the ecological balance.

Chinese Sturgeon in Yangtze River - Morphological Characters

Chinese sturgeon is fusiform shaped with sharp head and long mouth. There are four whiskers in the front part of its mouth. It has a large body. Chinese sturgeon is a relatively long-lived fish compared with other species of fishes. The most long-lived Chinese sturgeon lived 40 years. The largest Chinese sturgeon weights 560 kilograms according to the record. Chinese was called "king fish of Yangtze River" since it is the biggest fish in Yangtze River. It will take 8-14 years for a juvenile fish grow up to an adult fish.

Chinese Sturgeon in Yangtze River - Growth and Reproduction

The spawning season of Chinese sturgeon is between mid-October and early November. Three Gorges Reservoir will impound water greatly in October after the construction of Three Gorges Dam. The water level in Three Gorges Reservoir Area will be rose to 175 meters from 145 meters. The obvious decrease of the water discharge will lead to the lessening of Chinese sturgeon's spawning field in Yichang. The natural propagation of Chinese sturgeon was greatly influenced. The protection work for Chinese sturgeon has been enhanced to ensure the long-term survival of the rare and specious fish.

Chinese Sturgeon in Yangtze River - Ecological Characters

Chinese sturgeon is a groundfish with very restricted feeding habits. It is a predacious fish which eat some small and costive groundfishes.

Chinese sturgeon was transmitted to other inland rivers far from China since it is really rare and specious according to the record. But Chinese sturgeon has deep attachment to its hometown. They migrated back to Yangtze River for reproduction even they were transmitted overseas. They showed unbelievable hungry-resistant, hardworking and sense of direction.

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