Charming Scenery of Wu Gorge
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Charming Scenery of Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge

Brief Introduction of Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge, also named Big Gorge, is famous for its deep, serene and beautiful scenery. The whole gorge is full of grand mountains, steep cliffs and queer stones. It is the most considerable part of Three Gorges, just like a twisty gallery full of poetic and pictorial splendor.

"Wu Gorge is the longest one among Badong Three Gorges." Wu Gorge started from Daning River in the east of Wushan County, ended in the Guandukou in Badong County, extending 46 kilometers. It is deep and serene. It is famous for its beautiful scenery. In the long gorge, valley is deep, with high mountains on the both banks, peaks rising one upon another, mist and cloud cover the gorge; when visitors come into the gorge by boat, just like in a marvelous gallery. On the both banks, green mountains rising one upon another, peaks like a screen. When the boat comes into the gorge, great mountains block the way now and then, suddenly the path winds along mountain ridges. The Twelve peaks on the south and north banks is very grand, and Goddess Peak is the most steep and beautiful one. All the visitors in history are attracted by the charming scenery.

Sight Spots of Wu Gorge

Except the Twelve Peaks in Wu Gorge, there are large amount of steep peaks and queer valleys, which make you overwhelmed.

When you come out a gorge, you will come into another one. Wu Gorge is the most coherent and neat one in Three Gorges. It is divided into two parts. The west part includes Gold Helmet and Silver Armor Gorge, JianChuan Gorge; the east part is made up of Iron Coffin Gorge, Door Gorge. Except the Twelve Peaks, there are many places of historical interest, including Lu You Cave, Dayu Getting Book Platform, Goddess Temple, Kong Ming Stele and the dolly way on the cliff, the border stream of Sichuan province and Huhei Province, "Chu and Han Gulf" Inscription, as well as the rope mark on the banks' stones, which are full of Poetic and pictorial splendor. Theses sight spots attracted many celebrities and poets came, and left large amount of poems.

Cloud and Mist of Wu Gorge

Wu gorge is long, deep and narrow, so the duration of sunshine in the gorge is short and moisture in the gorge easily gather together. It is easy to form cloud and mist. The cloud and mist in the gorge in various postures. Some of them like flying dragon or running horse, some flow over the earth, some like pouring down waterfall, some like gushing cloud yarn which will become light of Buddhism covering Wu Gorge under the sunshine. After the water of Three Gorges Reservoir reached 175 meters, the water level of Wu Gorge increased 80 meters. That will not affect the deep and serene valley scenery; on the contrary, there are more attractions which make Wu gorge more attractive.

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