Changbanpo Ancient Battlefield
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Changbanpo Ancient Battlefield

Changbanpo Ancient Battlefield

Changbanpo Ancient Battlefield is located in the south-east of Yuyang Town of Dangyang City in Hubei Province. It is located in the transition zone of mountainous area to plain area in west Hubei Province.

Changbanpo Ancient Battlefield - Historical Story

Zhao Zilong defeated Cao Cao's (a famous strategist of Eastern Han Dynasty) army here in Three Kingdoms Period. With the wide spread of Zhao Zilong (a general of Shu in Three Kingdoms Period) Batted at Changbanpo, this place became a worldly famous historical battlefield.

In the autumn of the thirteenth year of Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao leaded his army (about half a million soldiers) headed to the south after he pacified the north. He planned to prevent Liu Bei occupying Jingzhou and avenge his defeat by Zhuge Liang's fire attack at Xinye. Cao Cao appointed some of his soldiers to block Liu Bei's (King of Shu in Three Kingdoms Period) army and ordered a number of his troop to chase and attack Liu Lei's army at their heels. Liu Bei's army was greatly outnumbered, he leaded his army gave up Xinye and finally been defeated at Xiangyang. Liu Bei leaded his army and people changed their way to Xiangfan and planned to eastward to Jingzhou along Ju River. They escaped to Jinping and camped there. They were surrounded by Cao Cao's army in that night. Liu Bei abandoned his wife and leaded his people escaped in the scuffle. Zhao Zilong rode a horse headed eastward along Ju River individually to rescue Liu Bei. He fought with Cao Cao's army bravely and gave Cao Cao's army a hard blow. Zhao Zilong's brave and courage shocked the world. He was praised as Hero of Earth.

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