Brief Introduction of Yichang
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Brief Introduction of Yichang


Yichang is an ancient cultural city which has a history of 2700 years. It was the battlefield of Yiling War in Three Kingdoms Period. Yichang is the only National Health City and the only National Environmental Protection Model City in Hubei Province. It administrated 5 districts, 3 cities and 5 counties. It covers an area of 21600 square kilometers. It has a total population of 4059686 till November 1, 2010. It is also the hometown of Qu Yuan (a famous patriotic poet of Warring Stats Period) and Wang Zhaojun (one of the Four Beauties of Ancient China)

Yichang – Geographic Location

Yichang is located in the southwest of Hubei Province. It is in the connecting area of the Upper Reaches and the Lower Reaches of Yangtze River, the transition area of Wuling Mountain ranges to Jianghan Plain. The terrain here is higher in the west and lower in the east. The landform here is complex and diversified: there are mountains, hills and plains.

Yichang has been the distribution center of western Hubei Province, northeastern of Hunan Province and eastern Sichuan Province since ancient times. Yichang is in the west of Jingzhou City and Jingmen City, in the north of Shimen County in Hunan Province, in the east of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and in the south of Shennongjia Area and Xiangyang City.

Yichang – Climate

Yichang has four distinctive seasons. It has long spring and autumn. The annual average rainfall reaches 992.1 – 1404.1 millimeters. The rainfall mostly concentrated in summer, the longer rainfall period is in June and July. It has a long frost-free period. The annual average temperature is 13.1℃ – 18 ℃. The temperature decreases with the increase of altitude, the temperature would decrease 0.6 ℃ if the altitude increases 100 meters. The average temperature in June is 24.1℃ - 28.8℃, the average temperature in January is 1.7℃ – 6.5℃, the extreme high temperature is 41.4 ℃ and the extreme low temperature is -15.6℃.

Yichang - City of Hydropower

As the city of hydropower, Yichang has the worldly noted Three Gorges Project, Gezhou Dam Project and some other hydro projects. It developed more than 30 million kilowatt of hydropower per year. Yichang is the biggest hydropower base in the world.

Yichang – Transportation

Yichang Port is one of the Eight Ports of Yangtze River. Jiaozuo (Henan Province) – Liuzhou (Guangxi Province)Railway, Shanghai – Chengdu Expressway and the Along-Yangtze Railway meet in Yichang. Three Gorges National Airport had put into operation. Yichang has a convenient transportation system which collects waterway, expressway, railway and air transportation.

Yichang – Tourism Resource

Yichang is an Excellent Tourism City of China. There are two State AAAAA-class scenic spots: Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area and Three Gorges Tribe Scenic Area. There are nine State AAAA-class scenic spots: Chaibuxi Gorge Scenic Area, Xiling Gorge Entrance Scenic Area, Yichang Che Stream Folk Scenic Spot, Tanziling Scenic Spot, Three Gorges Stele Fort Scenic Spot, Three Visitors Scenic Area, Three Gorges Waterfall Scenic Spot, Jiuwan Stream Scenic Spot, and Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot. There are also 13 State AAA-class scenic spots. It is a veritable tourism city.

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