Bellow Gorge
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Bellow Gorge

Bellow Gorge

Bellow Gorge - Origin of Name

Bellow Gorge is a steep cliff in yellowish-brown color. You can't see any plant on it. There are several cracks on the cliff in different depth. Looking it at further place, there is a rectangle box in a big crack, just like a bellow. It is said that the bellow was left by Lu Ban.

Bellow Gorge – History

Of course, the rectangle box is not a bellow left by Lu Ban, but a suspending coffin left by ancient Ba people who is earlier than Lu Ban. This mystery was uncovered in 1971. In this year, three brave rhizotomists climbed up to the crack of Bellow Gorge, uncovered the mystery of "Bellow". The three rhizotomists also found there were many human remains of Ba people, sword in Ba style, bronze ax and other historical relics. The discovery of three rhizotomists offered precious objects for the research of ancient Ba culture and culture in upstream of Yangtze River.

The best place to watch "Bellow" is the dolly way in gorge. "Bellow' located on tens meters high cliff. It is hard for people to climb, let alone put the "bellow" on it. As the Bellow is unbelievable, it attracts many people who in favor of exploration and adventure. It is said someone successfully climbed up and take down a stone like thing in Qing Dynasty. When knocked the thing, it sounds like wood. When the people want to sale it in Fengjie County, he was arrested by Yamen runners and asked him to put it back lest blasphemed Gods. In 1971, three rhizotomists climbed up the Bellow again, uncovered the mystery of it. Actually, the Bellow is a rock coffin in Warring States Period or Qin and Han Dynasties. This time, they found two wood coffins, bronze sword in Ba style, bronze ax, wood sword, straw sandals, the coin in Han Dynasty and some other historical relics.

Bellow Gorge – Cliff Coffin Burial

Cliff Coffin Burial is a local burial way. It was most popular from West Han Dynasty to Northern and Southern Dynasties in Sichuan district. There are several spots on the both bank of Qutang Gorge. Except the cliff coffin in Bellow Gorge, there are cliff coffins on the opposite bank. The suspending coffins in the cave uncovered in 1958, with willow leaf shape sword, bronze shoes, wooden combs and some other precious historical relics in it.

Now, there are two spots of cliff coffin near to "Bellow". But nobody knows how many wood coffins in it; how many historical relics in it and how ancient people put them in there.

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