Ancient Rhino Cave
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Ancient Rhino Cave


Ancient Rhino Cave

Ancient Rhino Cave is the relic of the ancient people in the higher and colder places. It is situated in the 15 kilometers-long Hongping Art Gallery.

Ancient Rhino Cave - Animal Fossils and Materials of Paleolithic Age

In November 1996, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Management Department of the Cultural Relics did an archaeological excavation here. Archaeologist Wang Shancai was appointed as the leader of the team. More than 1000 animal fossils and materials of Paleolithic Age were unearthed. In the unearthed animal fossils and skeletons, the following are preliminarily confirmed: rhino, panda, buffalo, deer, sambar, stegodon, macaque, leopard, wolf, muntjac, roe, bamboo rat, sheep and bear. More than 8 complete rhino bones and 6 stegodon bones were found in the cave. The bones had been found were various, some of them were old, some of them were young; some of them were big, some of them were small. More than 20 ancient stone implements were unearthed: cut and chop implements, scrapers, rock hammer and carve machines. Most of the ancient stone implements were made of black flint; the left ones were made of quartz sandstone. Most of them were made out through beating and striking. The discovery of the Ancient Rhino Cave has contributed to the research of the ancient human activity in the north-west of Hubei province.

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