Xiling Gorge – Rapids, Various Beautiful Gorges
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Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge - Brief Introduction

Xiling Gorge was divided into two parts by Three Gorges Dam. The upper part is in Zigui County. There are three rapids: Xie Rapid, Qing Rapid and Kongling Rapid. There are three gorges: Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge, Military books and Precious Swords Gorge and Kongling Gorge. There is Qu Yuan Memorial Temple, the biggest cultural relic reconstruction project - Phoenix Mountain in Zigui County, the only training base of dragon boats - International Training Base of Dragon Boats of Zigui County. There are two gorges in the lower part of Xiling Gorge: Lantern Shadow Gorge and Yellow Ox Gorge. There are also relics such as Huangling Temple and Sanyou Cave.

Xiling Gorge - Scenic Spots

Military Books and Precious Swords Gorge

Military books and Precious Swords Gorge is located in the confluence of Xiangxi River and Yangtze River. Xiangxi Valley is the place where Zhaojun (one of the Four Beauties in China) leaves for Hun. There are "military books" (hanging coffins) and "precious swords".

Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge

Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge is in the east of Military books and Precious Swords Gorge and not far from Xin Beach. "Ox Liver" and "Horse Lung" are stalactites formed by sedimentary of calcium carbonate in the underground water. "Ox Liver" is well preserved while "Horse Lung" was destroyed in the 26th year of Emperor Guangxu Period.

Kongling Gorge and Kongling Rapid

Kongling Gorge is 10 kilometers westward through the Three Gorges. There are towering steep cliffs on the two banks. It seems that it was cut out by ax. There is the worldly famous rapid – Kongling Rapid. The current here is swift. Kongling Rapid is formed of a group of reefs: "big pearl", "chief pearl", and "third pearl". The interlocking reefs and the strong tides made this rapid really dangerous. There is a famous saying goes that the Qing Rapid and the Xie Rapid were not a rapid at all if they were compared with the Kongling Rapid. The currents here would be much stronger in the flood seasons. The ships have to be careful while they sailing on the Kongling Rapid since it is very easy to crash on the reefs. There are three Chinese characters: Chao-Wo-Lai (in Chinese means toward me) carved on the "big pearl". The ships must sail toward the "Chao-Wo-Lai" and with the help of the impact produced by the currents to avoid the big reef. If the ships try to sail avoid it, the ship would directly crash with the reef and sink. The watercourse here experienced several regulations after liberation. A lot of reefs both under and above the water were blown up. In addition, the impoundment of the Three Gorges Reservoir made the Kongling Rapid is not a rapid any more.

Qu Yuan Memorial Temple

As a scenic spot of Xiling Gorge, Qu Yuan Memorial Temple enjoys a great reputation in the world. It was built to memorize Qu Yuan- the originator of China's romantic poetry and the great patriotic poet. It was built in Tang Dynasty. It is the first stop of the "three people" tourism rout (poet Qu Yuan, beauty Wang Zhaojun and Shennongjia Barbarian).

Lantern Shadow Gorge

Lantern Shadow Gorge and Yellow Ox Gorge are between Liantuo to Nanjin Pass. Lantern Shadow Gorge also named Bright Moon Gorge. There is a wonder that when the sun sinks below the horizon, the glow of sunset would shine on the four pictographic stones, and the shadow just like Tang Seng and his three apprentices. Hence Lantern Shadow Gorge got its name.

Yellow Ox Gorge

The magnificent Yellow Ox Cliff is not far from Lantern Shadow Gorge. And the valley at the foot of Yellow Ox Cliff is Yellow Ox Gorge. The cliffs on the gorge are steep and various. The fish fossils, trilobite fossils and other marine life fossils could be found in the Yellow Ox Valley. They recorded the enormous changes of the Three Gorges over the past years.

Nanjin Pass

Nanjin Pass is the exit of Xiling Gorge. It was a place of great vital importance. There are beautiful mountains and circuitous waterways and strong currents. The river range suddenly becomes wider (from 300 meters wide to 2200 meters wide). Take a look at the enormous and powerful water with sailing boats and ships, you would sigh: what an expansive view.

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