Xiangxi Stream
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Xiangxi Stream

Xiangxi Stream

The estuary of Xiangxi (has a smell of fragrance) Stream is at the lower reach of Zigui. The clean water of the stream and the gold water of the river meet here. There is a town at the estuary named Xiangxi Town.

Xiangxi Stream - Origin of its Name

Xiangxi Stream is originated from the mountains of Shennongjia. It is a crystal stream with clean water all the year. There is a legend goes that once Zhaojun (one of the Four Beauties in Ancient China) came to wash by the stream, suddenly her necklace was broken and fell into the stream. Then the water became cleaner than before and has a fragrance. Hence it was called Xiangxi Stream.

Xiangxi Stream - Legends

Xiangxi Stream is a branch of Yangtze River. It was famous for feeding Qu Yuan (one of the four literatus in the world) and Wang Zhaojun (one of the Four Beauties in Ancient China). According to Xingshan County Record there are several legends about the origin of Xiangxi Stream's name: "Zhaojun was dwelled by the stream and often came to the stream to wash her hands, and then the water has a smell of fragrance", "the water in Xiangxi Stream tastes good and is always very clean, and there are a lot of vanilla on the coasts of the stream, so the stream was called Xiangxi Stream". Xiangxi Source is the origin of Xiangxi Stream. It is 5 kilometers from Muyu County. Xu Chi – a famous poet once wrote three Chinese characters: Xiang-Xi-Yuan (the origin of Xiangxi Stream) here.

It is said that Xiangxi Stream is the place where Emperor Yan wash his herbal medicines. The water here absorbed the essence of the herbal medicines and merged the spirit of Emperor Yan. Drink the water in the stream would make people as beautiful as Zhaojun and as great as Qu Yuan. There are peculiar mountains and dense forests at Xiangxi Source. There are blooming wild flowers in the forest and flowing streams. The mysterious place with clean streams and beautiful flowers is the real cause of the fragrance smell of water in Xiangxi Stream. Some people summarized that the clear and everlasting streams, the herbal medicines of Shennong and Zhaojun's good reputation made the water in Xiangxi River more fragrant.

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