Wujiang River
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Wujiang River

Wujiang River

Wujiang River – Geographic Elements

Wujiang River, also named Qianjiang River. It is the biggest river in Guizhou province of China and a branch in the right coast of upper reaches of Yangtze River. It is originated from Huayu Cave of Xianglu Mountain in Weining County of Guizhou province. It flows through north Guizhou province and southeast of Chongqing, and disembogues into Yangtze River at Fuling District of Chongqing. The mainstream is 1,037 kilometers and the river basin area is 87,920 square kilometers. The part above Huikou is the upper reach, Huikou to Sinan is the middle reach, and the part under Sinan is the lower reach. Wujiang River has a pinnate water system. The trend of the water system is higher in southwest and lower in northeast. The Karst topography has developed in the river basin. Plateau, highland, mountains and hills make up the main landform. There is a marked perpendicular change of natural landscape for its big elevation difference. It is known as "natural barrier" since it is characterized by strong currents, rapids and narrow gorges.

Wujiang River – Important Historical Event

There are two Wujiang rivers in Guizhou province – Big Wujiang River and Wujiang River. The river which the Red Army crossed in the history is the Big Wujiang River. They crossed the river successfully through the bridge made of the doors of the local people. Though Big Wujiang River experienced an extraordinary historical event, it is not as well known as Wujiang River for its geographical location and inconvenient transportation.

Wujiang Town

Wujiang Town is divided into northern region and southern region by Wujiang River. Most of the people there live in south region. Wujiang Town is of Karst topography. Wujiang Cross is located in Wujiang Town of Zunyi County. It is 100 kilometers far from Guiyang. It has a great strategic importance since it has a precipitous topography.

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