Wuhan Museum
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Wuhan Museum

Wuhan Museum

The preparation work of Wuhan Museum was started in July 1984 and it was formally started to build in November 1986. It opened to the public in 2001. It covers an area of 17834 square meters, and has an exhibition area of 6000 square meters. It was honored as the First Batch of State Fist Class Museum. Wuhan Antique Shop merged into Wuhan Museum in 2009, and changed its name into Wuhan Heritage Exchange Center.

Wuhan Museum - Collection

Wuhan Museum has an abundant collection. There are more than 10,0000 collections. The collection here involves ceramic, bronze, painting and calligraphy, jade, wood and ivory carvings, and signet. There are implements made in the Imperial Palace of Qing Dynasty, works out of the celebrities through the ages, unearthed relics of high archaeological value, and exquisite treasures. As a modern comprehensive museum, Wuhan Museum integrates relic collection, academic research, publicity and education, culture exchange, entertainment, and recreation.

Wuhan Museum – Exhibition

The exhibition in the Wuhan Museum is characterized by artistic and cultural. The "Display of the Ancient History of Wuhan", "Modern Wuhan History", "Relics Collection of the Ages", " Ancient Ceramics Art", and "Painting and Calligraphy in Ming and Qing Dynaties" are displayed perennially. Some temporary exhibitions are held or recommended irregularly. All the exhibitions would make use of the latest research findings and the newest technological means to show the latest display concept and make you better understand the development of Whuan City in the review of the history. "Display of the Ancient History of Wuhan" was in the line of the top ten excellent displays of the Fifth National Exhibition Award.

Wuhan Museum – Publication and Education

Wuhan Museum makes full use of the various display ways to spread the long history of Chinese nation while attaches great importance to the publicity and education. The magazine - Wuhan Cultural Museum and the web site - Wuhan Museum are two important canals for its publicity and education, as well as the important windows of the cultivation of the professionals, the universal of the relic culture, the spread of the museum's information, and scientific research. Wuhan Museum is a palace where the people could search the humane care and touch the Chinese culture, and also a place where the people could broaden his horizon and make friends.

Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 (including legal holidays)

It would be closed for maintaining on Fridays.

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