Wu Gorge - With Amazing 12 Peaks of Wushan Mountain
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Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge

Introduction of Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge is the second gorge of Three Gorges. It stretches from the mouth of Daning River of Wushan County in the west to Guandukou of Badong County in Hubei Province. It is 45 kilometers long. It is a long and regular gorge in Three Gorges, so it is also called Grand Gorge. Wu Gorge has two parts: east section and west section. East section composed by Iron Coffin Gorge and Menshan Gorge. West section composed by Gold Helmet and Silver Armor Gorge and Jianchuan Gorge.

When Yangtze River leave Qutang Gorge and Daning River Open Valley, it receiving the Daning River at Wushan County. Then it's the gallery-like Wu Gorge. Wu Gorge is famous for its elegance, continuous peaks, twists and turns, and attractive scenery. Navigating in the gorge, the watercourse sometimes narrow, sometimes wide.

The Twelve Peaks of Wu Gorge must be most interested for the tourists while travelling in Wu Gorge. Especially after the water level reached 139 meters because of the Three Gorges Dam water reservation. Many people care about whether the original images of the twelve peaks have changed. But the twelve peaks are still grand and elegant, the Goddess Peak remains beautiful. The romantic legend here attracts numerous tourists to visit here.

Twelve Peaks of Wu Gorge

Around Wu Gorge, there are several tributaries. Because the rising of the water level, the original small stream became a navigable stream. The five must - visit places of Wu Gorge are: Shennu Stream, Shamuxiang Stream, Bianyu Stream, Xiaoxi River and Chain Stream. There are suspending springs, waterfalls , creeks. The narrowest place of the gorge only allow one small wooden boat pass through. Cross the mouth of the Gorge, it is a whole new world, the five tributaries seems to be the key to open a secret world. It's hard to see bare rocks in those streams, the green vegetation reflecting on the water make the mountains and water merged into one color.

After the water level reached at 139 meters, a lot of famous sites of Wu Gorge have been submerged except the Twelve Peaks of Wu Gorge. Out the east mouth of Wu Gorge is Guandu Town of Badong County in Hubei Province where Yangtze River flows into Xiangxi River Open Valley.

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